Give war a chance

I just saw my new favorite bumpersticker:

Except for ending slavery, defeating fascism, and <insert some third other thing that I didn’t have time to read because the dude’s SUV turned left down Magnolia Blvd.>, WAR NEVER ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING

It was like being at home in Arkansas again, and a reminder that those 27% actually exist.


I want to get a bumper sticker that reads “George Bush’s war killed more people than Ted Kennedy’s car”.

I think the third one was “SUSTAINING THE FPS GENRE.”

I remember seeing that one BEFORE the Iraq invasion. Who knows, probably been on that fellow’s bumper since that time as well, back when 60% of the country supported the war and it was just those crazy human sheild project people and Dennis Kucinich against it. My how times have changed.

There’s some truth in the sentiment, but there’s also no shortage of reasons why people who feel that way aren’t going to have bumper stickers where the third thing happened in Iraq.

Edit: Holy shit, the human shields plus Kucinich are 40% of America? Things are looking up!

I believe the whole sticker is ‘Except for ending slavery, fascism, Nazism, and communism, war never solved anything’.

Did I miss the war that ended communism or something?

The Cold War doesn’t count, being as it wasn’t actually a war.

It’s a bumper sticker. Don’t try to reason with it.

Maybe we need to tell the Iraqi’s that they just haven’t given war enough of a chance. I suggest a similar bumper sticker campaign. They need to be fireproof though, so they are left over after the car bombs go off.

“Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him.”

Why am I not surprised that Anti-Bunny was able to quote the bumperstick by heart? :)


Googled it. I’ve never seen the bumper sticker.

More awesome posters/shirts.

I’m sure William Wilberforce would have been comforted to know that war is really what ended slavery.


I’m sure all the people still living in slavery will be happy to know they’re not really enslaved as a result of war, but that war’s what means they are actually free!

Though you have to give them at least part credit for Nazism.

I want to sell bumper stickers that say “Bumper stickers are for Douche-bags”.

Because they are.

Would you advertize them by putting them on your car?

Of course not, he’d sell them to douche bags.

War has accomplished all sorts of things. Still, its innate unpleasantness is an issue for me. I like reading about Thermopylae or Antietam in a book. Having guns poked in my face? Not so much.

“It is well that war is so terrible - otherwise we would grow too fond of it.” -Robert E. Lee