Giveaway thread!


I have a Steam key for Green Game: Timeswapper if anyone wants


I caved and got the Stardock bundle. I already redeemed the OTC key that Moggraider gave me, so I’ll put my new one here plus the FE keys. PM me if you want any.

Offworld Trading Company - Gone
Fallen Enchantress
Fallen Enchantress Ultimate Edition - Gone


They are separate keys on you Humble redemption page. Ultimate is FE with all the DLC included.

Note that, if like me, you already own FE and just wanted Ultimate for the DLC, the Humble keys page will show Ultimate as “already owned” on Steam. You’ll need to click the Gift link as if you were going to send the key to someone else, then redeem the key by copying and pasting into Steam to actually activate all the DLC. It works, it’s just confusing.


Steam key for Tempest Pirate Action RPG not here, it be looted


Thank you for Tempest, Keith_Leith


Arrgh, another one - be 'ere !
(meaning Tempest key, that is)

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 - a bonus (bonus?)


Spare key for Fallen Enchantress (Vanilla version)


Where ? is the starting letter for Victory. [Claimed]


Some lurker was faster than me. Only after 1 minute the code was grabbed…


Thanks for the key! Love me Stardock but never picked this up, now to get the DLC.


Good thing it is grabbed by someone from this community!


I think if you ping Marxeil above you may still be able to get a spare key.


It’s ok, i’m currently playing some other games. Next time!


Yeah, I still have the key.




I assume it goes without saying no one that actually posts here probably got that, whatever it was. :/


Nope, it stayed in the family. I managed to grab it before a lurker…and yes, it was a surprise. I’ve never seen/played a game of this type before so it should prove interesting.


If you do discover the source of dreadful evil, please share it with us, my lord.


And if you discover anything about the ladies of Kisilova, please let us know all about that as well.


I played it, finished it, according to my Steamies’ list… and have absolutey zero memory of the whole experience. That’s depressing.


The most likely explanation is that the vampires entranced you so that the true story would never be spread.