Giveaway thread!


GalCiv II is great to this day. Still have it installed on my PC.


What’s specifically good about it? Most of my space 4X experience is Endless Space 2 and MOO a long time ago.


Besides the usually check list that a 4x has, each race has their own tech tree, which is probably the unique thing about GC 2. It makes each race very unique.

In addition, you can still create your own race, and then decide which tech tree to go with it.


Always this.


Distraint : Deluxe Edition is FREE for a limited time at Fanatical. Pretty cool little 2-D horror adventure game with a unique art style.


Never pay money for games! Neverrrr!

Limited time free giveaways of:


I’ll take "Error: Unable to load information about this item.

Sounds kickass


Hacket is a great game.


Unclaimed stuff from my last giveaway, Roman numerals:
NBA Playgrounds -> FHI(IV)(VIII)-ART2G-KF(V)F3
Manhunt -> NDL2J-(IV)WG0W-C7FMN
Mytheon -> KNTXJ-E0H2(V)-C6MPW
Seraph -> GPLDZ-(V)P0CI-9IQPQ


Seraph had already been claimed when I tried it.

Regardless, thanks for your generosity!


Pretty sure most of you already have “Sunless Sea”,[GONE] but if you don’t have it, and you (or someone you know) wants it, post here in this thread (so others know it’s been claimed), and I’ll PM you the code. I have to get rid of it, because it’s a bonus from GOG’s sale, and it needs to be claimed by July 2. So I’m not fussy who gets it. I just hate to let it go to waste.

I’ve also got a spare GOG copy of “Grim Fandango Remastered” No time limit on that one.


I’ve had my eye on Sunless Sea… if you’re looking to offload it, I’d be happy to take it!




Awesome, thanks!


I also have a GoG code for Sunless Sea.


If it’s still available, I would like to request for it, please.




Free till June 8th to own. Fortified!

Cut and paste it if you have to!