Giveaway thread!


“Gaming’s Netflix” sound pretty awesome.

Why is that a bad thing?


As a graveyard for foretold commercial failures is only what I meant. But the analogy fails (as usual) anyway, since they intend to sale the game elsewhere. I guess and hope it is only a way ot get a lot of early streaming going.


It’s an interesting approach. I think it would make sense for games to have 1-2 free days on release to build up mass. The reason it’s not feasible on Steam is that the key sellers would abuse it to heck. But doing it on an alternative platform could actually work.


I have Rupture Rejects + outfit DLC, and The Division DLC 2 Survival to giveaway.

PM me, first come first serve and at my discretion.


This game is delightful! It is a brand new release. I guess they got some incentive from Twitch to put it there for free!


I guess the incentive was the same as all the other games offered for free with Prime: money.


I guess I made it sound like that wasn’t obvious.


Free On Humble Bundle:


Anyone want THOTH? I just bought a bundle, and I already own it.

(I have never tried it, so don’t ask me if it’s good).

Edit: Oh hey, neat, it looks like it’s a twin stick shooter! No wonder I bought it! (I’m assuming).


It is good and you should try it. Easy to play in small chunks too.


I just played it. Wow, that’s so good.

Someone is in for a treat!


Ah, I’d forgotten about it. I was waiting for it to come to Switch, but as there’s no news on that front I’d gladly take this key off your hands. :)


What is THOTH?

EDIT I just did some Google research and I found the answer, I think?


EDIT EDIT Oh, okay, you aren’t abbreviating something, THOTH is the name of the game, I found it on Steam.


Thoth was the coolest god, before their started using computers for their accounting in the afterlife and mistakes began to happen.

The game was too demanding for me. Checkpoint every 5 levels? No way!


I thought Thoth was an acronym for a game. I was thinking we need a separate thread for all the game acronyms that get thrown around sometimes.

Never dreamed it was the actual name.

Silly me!


Yeah. Me too. Like THACO. :)


It’s that Double Fine thing of fetichising all-caps.
MASSIVE CHALICE may be an acronym, too.


I have the following to give away from last month’s humble bundle:

Bleed 2 GONE
Full Metal Furies
Rapture Rejects + Humble Exclusive DLC GONE
Rock of Ages 2 GONE
Super Daryl Deluxe
The Division DLC - Survival

PM me, first come first serve and by my discretion.


I wouldn’t mind Division Survival, if it’s still available. Thanking you in advance.


If anyone enjoys rhythm games, they should take a look at Aaero, which is that with a dash of Rez (which was a rhythm game in a way, too), but way different music. I liked it a lot.