Giveaway thread!


I have a claim link for one copy of the Humblybumbly CoD battle thingy. It does NOT include the additional perks, just the base game thing whatever that is. PM for linkage.


I also have a gift code for Rage 1 on PC, you claim it via GMG which then gives you a steam code I think


I would like the key for Rage.


Both keys have been reserved. @grifman I will send tonight


Thank you very much!


Boardgamed late last night. Keys coming today


Thanks, no rush.


Kathy Rain is currently free on Steam


You can get Age of Wonders 3 for free right now:


Steam has a Tiny Build Publisher’s Sale happening this weekend. As part of the sale Divide By Sheep and Fearless Fantasy are FREE if you simply add them to your account.


Someone in this very thread gave me the base game at some point. The DLCs never seem to go below half price, and I know that one of them (Golden Realms) gives you more win conditions than “slaughter all your enemies.” What about the other one? Is it just a campaign or does it change the game somehow? Anyone who can comment please chime in.


The expansions could not be more important to the full experience. Both of them are absolutely amazing. Hit up the Steam store page for details on what each brings to the table.


Thanks, @Scott_Lufkin, in that case I’m best off buying the Collection on Humble for less than 12 bucks for me, currently, what with 10% Humble Monthly discount. Sure I’m re-buying the base game but oh well.


Divide by Sheep is an awesome puzzle game.


Did you give it this review?


No, when I go on a level I am on the level.


Oh I thought you did not have game on your game!


Ball laB is free today.