Giveaway thread!

Age of Wonders 3 really is a fantastic 4X game, everyone that has the slightest interest in the genre and doesn’t have it should jump at that.

For those that like it, it should probably be noted that it shines brightest with it’s (very substantial) DLC.

Which they steadfastly refuse to discount by more than 50%. So do what I plan to do if you already have the game and get the “Age of Wonders III Collection” for cheap and activate it on Steam (make sure you’re buying a Steam key obvs).

Right now said collection is on sale at the WinGameStore (not to be confused with the MS Windows Store) for $11.49 US:

WinGameStore is actually a nice little steam key store, they even have a “spend $100 and get $5” thing. They frequently have really nice discounts (like this one!), too.

The fine print says ‘while supplies last’ which I can’t understand for a digital product. But, still, a nice offer.

I’m guessing they made a deal with Triumph for X number of keys to be given away, and no more.

Or they know something about the shortage of electrons we don’t.

Are you positive?

I’m gonna keep my ion you guys.

Yeah, I don’t want to sound negative when you’re given away a fantastic game like AoW3 for free but it truly shines with expansions. So this giveaway is a lure to get both DLCs, see it more like a huge sale.

It’s very good marketing for their next game planetfall and more people can enjoy this pretty good game. It’s win-win for everyone!

I’m thinking they have exactly as many electrons as they do protons, because AOW III is free of charge.

You guys work hard to earn that place in pun hell I see.



Yeah, if this goes on I can see someone using the nuclear option.

That’s a deal even this guy could appreciate!

So, I’ve had these keys for a long time.

Mechromancer Charcter Pack - KZ*QP-**JNY- 8BPCD

Psycho Character Pack - KJDFQ-NX*V0-GWECV

Replace the * with the letter M, and it should work.

It should save you a little bit of many when you buy the Handsome Jack Collection.

Just let me know if you have used them.

I took this one, I always wanted to try it (but not enough to buy it, I guess). I didn’t pick the Psycho because I won’t replay the game that many times… although I guess I will pick it too if in two days no one has redeemed it.

I would appreciate that.