Giveaway thread!

Thanks for the expansions!

Maybe one of these days I’ll create that CK2 thread about what you need to know to understand the beginner’s CK2 thread.

Is this where Washington makes three visits to Franklin before he relents to become his strategist?

I would like Little Nightmares of 911 Operator if you didn’t mind.

Did see anyone point this out, but may have just missed it. Ubisoft is giving away the standard edition of For Honor until the 27th. Granted, numerous things locked behind expansions/passes, but whatever.

The game is pretty slick. Harder than Monster Hunter World for my level of reflexes, but so far it seems to be what I wanted Chivalry to be (ie., it is Chivalry with a better engine/controls/animations).

Is there any single player content?

From what I played, yes there’s an “On Rails” set of single slayer missions that act as a kind of Campaign taking you through the different “Factions”. I lost interested after about 2-3 missions.

I loved it, was one of my favorite games the year it came out.

If anyone here doesn’t know Epic Game Store has a new giveaway each week.

They’re giving out Fez this week.

That approach to luring new customers into their store is certainly better than many others.


Doesn’t appear that single player is the strong suit of this game. There are modes to play against AI (either with AI teammates or real players), but PvP seems to be the primary focus.

I was wrong about content locked behind passes and whatnot - you can earn in-game monies to unlock all the characters, eventually. Hard to knock it for being free.

This is part question part offer…

I have some old consoles that I need to get rid of. In a perfect world, I’d have a man cave and connect them all, but it’s crystal clear now that will never happen, so I need to get rid of them. I’m not necessarily sad about that other than the fact that it seems like a pain in the ass.

What do you all do to get rid of old consoles, etc? I’m talking a decrepit N64, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, PS3, etc. Part of me wants to toss them in the garbage. Best Buy said it would give me $5 for one of them.

Next question: I have some old games for the PC, Gamecube, Xbox 360, PS3, etc. At the moment, I’m too lazy to list them out. Is anybody interested in the games? If you have a platform-specific question, I’ll list or answer. FWIW, most of the PC games are 10-20 years old and on CDs or DVDs.

Plz list pc games. :)

OMG so much work!

Civ IV Warlords
Call of Duty 2
Sim City 4
The Movies Premiere Edition
1701 AD
Children of the Nile
Serious Sam 2
A few random CDRs that may or may not contain a game (and hopefully no dick pics haha - just kidding I never took any)
Silent Storm
Star Wars: Empire at War
Company of Heroes
Diablo 2
Baldurs Gate 2
Dungeon Siege

A shitpile of other stuff from Freelancer to the Norwegian version of The Longest Journey. They may or may not have CD keys; depends on the game. I have no idea.

These are all or nothing. If you want any, I’ll send them all to you. They are all in some old Case Logic cases.

I give them to an association that works on software preservation (that happens to be run by friends) : the parts always come useful to those electronics enlighted people. But i live in a small country where everything is concentrated in a single town, so it probably isnt an option for you.

I’d probably be interested in the Dreamcast, if you’re willing to ship it. I’d pay whatever you think is a reasonable price. I always regretted getting rid of my old one. Do you have any games for it?

You mean I have to open the box??? Just kidding… I will take a look but it might be a day or two or next weekend.

I’m in no rush, going to be out of town all week anyway.

I would be interested in the PS3.

Clay I think the gist of things is that people are willing to help relieve you of your clutter

Snap a few pics of the game collections and I’m sure you’ll have takers. @DaveLong is also someone who you should ask any specific questions on, as he is a retro game collector. So he can give you some advise I am sure.

Ubisoft are handing out AssOdd DLC for free until September 1, even if you don’t own the game. That’s in addition to the ongoing For Honor giveaway.