Giveaway thread!

Thanks @SweetJP for Van Helsing!

Thanks for Ruiner!

For some reason, Steam gave me a Steam coupon for 75% off Book of Demons…

…which drops the price to just $6.25 (historical low is $9.99). Message me if you want it!

どうもありがとうございます to @SweetJP for Killer is Dead. This game is weird as hell.

Surviving Mars and some of the DLCs free right now on ::shudder:: Epic.

You’ll need to buy every DLC by itself, since, no cart. :D

Decided to take advantage of the Syberia bundle deal over on Fanatical even though I already own the first two games because hey, $3.99 for the third game is still a deal. And now I’m passing the savings on to you! Anyone wants either or both of the first two Syberia games, shoot me a note.

I don’t know how many times I intended to try the first two (which I already own). Everyone always talks fondly of Syberia. I used to like adventure games a lot but I seem to have fallen out of love with them.

I don’t really have the highest opinion of the first two Syberia games, personally. They’re not bad, you could just do a lot better if you’re looking for a fun, quality point and click adventure game. But I figure in for a penny, in for a pound, and I may as well see how the whole thing wraps up. Though if I have to listen to that damn robot walking around going “Kate Walker! Kate Walker!” constantly I’m likely to do a rage uninstall.

I’m a big fan of the first Syberia. For most of its run, it’s weird and mysterious, but what really rocks is that they stick the landing. A good ending will always leave you with good feelings, and you think back fondly on your experience as a result. I think of Fable 2, Prince of Persia 2008 and the first Syberia as three games where I always look back and think how great they were because I loved their endings so much.

I totally share our Monkey’s fondness for the first Syberia. This started as a generic adventure, and as I progressed there was a melancholic feeling pouring out of the world into the character that I found perfectly told to the player. The ending was perfect, and I wasn’t very fond there was a Syberia 2. I tried playing it and while it was creative, it didn’t fit with what the first game was going for.
Some games don’t know when sequels are not needed. Syberia, Phantasy Star II, Shenmue 2… sigh.

Well that’s certainly an interesting opinion. I would like to hear more.

Phantasy Star III is the worst game with the most interesting premise.

There are few games would really benefit from a spiritual remake but PS3 is one of them.

You have great taste for endings, sir. I loved many things about Prince of Persia 2008, but the ending was what I loved most. So good.

I don’t really know where to discuss this, but I thought
that it was pretty clear that that particular world had ended at the conclusion of Phantasy Star 2. In my opinion, it’s part of the super grim Japanese fictional works that appeared around the very end of Hirohito’s reign (not that this particular event is tied to it. Could be the fall of the Wall. Or the rise of beer drinking.). I actually don’t mind Phantasy Star 3 that much, being stupid as it may, but it was so surprising for there to be a sequel! I thought the reveals were quite moving if, again, stupid.
On the other hand, I take massive issues with Phantasy Star 4, or PS2 for crybabies as I’d like to call it. It betrays everything that happened in PS2, and tries, pathetically, to hit the exact same beats. It’s all that is wrong with Japanese modern storytelling in my opinion. Blech.

Oh I thought you took issue with PS2 as a sequel, you’re saying that you didn’t like its sequel PS3? Well that’s much less interesting. But I get it.

No I like PS3, I don’t like PS4 ;)

You guys are lucky because I remember being unable to climb that damn tower.

You can get Observer and Alan Wake American Nightmare for free:

@Jason_McMaster we need an American Nightmare stream now! :D