Giveaway thread!

I’m stuck playing the competitor ‘Must use one capital, one number, one special character, and update every 30 days’

I’d love to quit playing, but when everyone near you is playing the same game, you need to as well, or not be able to play at all.

@Baconsoda, are you still looking for Tabletop Simulator?

Yes marq. PMed.

Thanks marquac, for the Jackbox keys! Had a fun first night with the work group since we couldn’t meet up.

Ho ho ho, it’s Chrismarq time again, it seems!

Thanks. This was on my wishlist (for some reason) and also this key was not taken! So I’ve got it now :)

Another shout-out from me to the best Canadian in the world @marquac

If anyone wants to buy Jackbox Party Packs for cheap, they’re currently on sale (not a giveaway I know)

Cat Quest on iOS is free for the first time ever:

I wonder if it’s free on the Apple TV too.

All the other games mentioned in the bargain thread that were supposedly free on iOS, the only one I found on Apple TV’s app store was Drawful 2. None of the other free stuff was on there.

I thought it was a united thing. This sucks. Apple sucks — by the way, 1$=1.20€ still in Apple’s fantasy economy game. Been so since Trump was elected. Acts speak what words try to hide, eh.

World War Z, Figment and Tormentor x Punisher are free on Epic Game Store till 2nd April.

WWZ is supposed to be good, as far as I know it’s one of the success stories of the Epic store.

A friend of mine said it was bad, but it’s free so why not give it a shot and find out for yourself is my thinking.

May depend on expectations, but it is a lot of fun with a group on friends. Randos… are randos.

Free on STEAM for a limited time…

They added a drawing game also, and next weeks reveals.

And next week finally everyone will get to own HOB!

Drawful 2 is also currently free on Steam if you prefer that platform

Drawful 2 is also free on Xbox right now, and I’m assuming PlayStation and Switch as well?

It’s free on Apple TV! My first game on the Apple ecosystem.