Giveaway thread!

You know who could really be a useful vehicle for this? The devs. There’s no way Steam, GOG and Epic can assume that the devs are willing to grant you DLC on multiple platforms. But devs should allow you to email them a proof of purchase, at which point they can grant you keys to any PC platform of your choice. If enough people do this, a system could be put in place (like Movies Anywhere).

I think, though, that Devs go through online stores like Steam and such and give away 1/3 of their potential venues away to not have to deal with that sort of mindnubbing tedium.

uh, so ah, why just DLC? Why stop there? Why not all games?

He who controls the DLC…controls PC Gaming? (not)

Steam tossing out the freebies today:

Twitch Prime Freebies now include:

  • The Last Tinker : City of Colors
  • Silence
  • Anna’s Quest

Interkosmos looks like fun. Thanks for the info.

Because where the base game is doesn’t matter. If I get the game on steam or on Epic or GoG doesn’t actually impact my game play all that much. The game exists on my machine.

The only thing that buying the game on steam vs another vendor impacts is where I can buy my DLCs. If I buy the game on GoG, then I am forced to purchase the DLCs on GoG.

But if DLCs are agnostic, and I get the best experience buying the game on GoG, then, when the DLC goes on sale on Steam, then I can still benefit.

Maybe the DLCs could be on some sort of storage medium, and we could just go to the store and buy it. Then you could install the DLCs from storage onto the game, wherever you bought it!

Of course, the DLCs would have to be bigger with their own marketing to justify the expense. Maybe they should be called “expansions”?

Borderlands The Handsome Collection is free on Epic Game Store till June 4:

Due to Epic freebies I now own more games than I have room for on my computer.

Wow, just now? I’m sure I passed that mark years ago, even taking into account my current HD space.

I am pretty sure I have more games than I have room for even if you added up all the storage space on all the hard drives in all the systems I have ever owned, both personal and work. I also may have a problem…

Arx Fatalis is free on Bethesda launcher:

Click on the join Arkane Outsiders

“Join Arkane Outsiders to receive “The Art of Arkane” digital art book free! PLUS, between May 28-May 31 (10am EST), email subscribers get Arx Fatalis (PC) as an additional bonus - Check the box below to subscribe! Be the first to be notified about potential beta access and receive sneak peeks at upcoming games. Sign up now as the Arx Fatalis offer expires on May 31.”

Yes, I’m actually kind of curious now how much HD space I would need to install every single game I own from every storefront.

If it makes you feel any better, you’re far from alone on that, and I’m not even grabbing the Epic stuff.


I’m not listening, I’m not listening

There’s a… Bethesda launcher???

kill me now!

That game is great thought, but buy it on GOG instead :-)

Have you heard the good word about PlayNite?

I already own it on GOG. Take that!

Only a buck seventy nine right now.