Giveaway thread!

Ooh ooh me

Cool, I sent it your way. :)

Thank you!

Any member of at least a few months’ standing who posts semi-regularly who wants a Steam key for Out There Omega Edition feel free to PM me!

Edit: and it’s


Alright, I looked for a begging thread and couldn’t find one.

Does anyone have a key for Castle Crashers lying around? My kid suddenly is really into the game and my account isn’t always available (since it’s shared by my other 2 kids too). I’d really appreciate it if you just happen to be sitting on one you never gave away/redeemed it.

I’ll just end up buying it in the next sale, it’s just I hate paying full price when there’s probably a sale on it right around the corner. :)

Going through some old bundle purchases and have a few dup keys from the Humble Paradox bundle. First PM gets a copy of:

Warlock - Master of the Arcane
Age of Wonders III
Victoria Collection

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now, but it’s $2.99 on Steam right now during the Autumn Sale.

Yes I checked this morning. Thanks!

If by chance anyone wants one of these, lemme know. Please be a QT3er with at least 10 posts, etc.

shadow of the tomb raider
dead in vinland
Middle Earth Shadow of War
Graveyard Keeper
Two Point Hospital
DiRT Rally 2.0 + 3 DLCs
Street Fighter V
Frostpunk +1 DLC
Pathfinder Kingmaker
Okami HD
Hitman 2
XCom 2
Void Bastards
Railway Empire

Thanks to other smart people, I now know how to do a strike-thru. :D

Just write it like this:
<s>test</s> results in test

Oh, nice!

Thanks @rhamorim!

Looks like you can also use the tilde character twice “~~” before and after each word: ~~test~~ becomes test. Might be slightly faster. ;)

Even better!

I just draw with a sharpie on my screen.

I can confirm the two tilde method also works!

Oh, hey! So does the drawing on my monitor with a sharpie! It’s really bold. You can all see that, right? Right?

I think with a few more holes in the monitor it’d really translate better!

Funny you should mention that. The sharpie marks seem to carry over to other windows when I open them. And they’re even there on my desktop screen.

Probably because the monitor isn’t getting enough air. I’m gonna try drilling some holes into it to aerate it a bit.

I would love Okami if you still have it, trigger. :)

Yeah the sharpie stays from site to site, but this is handy because I often want to strikethrough on other sites, and all I have to do is line them up.


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