Giveaway thread!

Phew, I remembered to claim it this morning before leaving for work.

Sweet. Forgot to finish play that before it left Gamepass last week. Back on the backlog!

Tracking your removed games? That’s what stealth delete is for. It’s like it was never even there!

I have a 14 Day trial code (that will NOT work with an existing account, I already tried to add the time to my existing one before reading the small print) for Game Pass Ultimate if anyone is interested. Be a Qt3er with 100 posts yadda yadda, pm me.

Just logged into Twitch and noticed a new batch of free games is up, one of which is Void Bastards. Heard that was a good one, so probably worth grabbing!

Yeah nice catch, I always forget to check there.

Yeah, Void Bastards is a fun little game! Tom streamed it twice in 2019:

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II: Celebration Edition is free on Epic Game Store till 21st January 2021.

Make some room on your hard drive! It’s 90GB!

If you get the celebration edition from Epic, you may notice that the extra content is missing. I just spoke to an EA rep, and they said it’s a known issue and they are working on restoring it.

Bomber Crew is free on Humble Bundle.

The 1st Little Nightmares game is free if you are in europe. Deal on till 1/17/21


Thanks! I just picked this up. Much appreciated.

Anyone able to get this to work? It seems like it’s the Origin Store version of the game, and while it can only be launched from the Epic launcher, that in turn launches Origin, which (in my case) does nothing.

It worked for two of us yesterday without issue. You’re correct, upon launching it in Epic it turns around and launches Origin (it should bring up a screen saying “login to Origin to link your Epic account”), but it installed fine from there and ran fine once it was done.

It is actually a pretty good game from the little I’ve played - one of the few times where I’ve installed one of the free offerings same-day!

Yeah, I played. The double launcher thing is very silly. What’s even sillier is that there appears to be no way to turn off the in-game audio chat. Other than that I had fun.

Huh. Must be something wrong with my system config then. I have it installed, and when I click on it in Epic it says “Running” and launches Origin, but then nothing.

Oh well. Not like I don’t have a million other games I can play.

Maybe trying uninstalling and reinstalling the Origin launcher. I know I had the Origin launch already installed previously so for me it wasn’t something Epic had to do. Maybe there is something wonky with Epic installing it?

I get it working without Epic. Once it was linked to my Origin account I can directly launch from Origin. The funny thing is, the game is still greyed out in Epic Games launcher while Origin says it is fully installed.