Giveaway thread!

It’s a pretty good translation of the book into an adventure game, actually. At least, until the last third where they just don’t seem to have had the budget to maintain the epic scope anymore. A shame. But worth playing if you want to relive the book in a different form.

Oh shit, I just realized that that deal for Pillars of the Earth was last week. Oh well.
Hand of Fate 2 is free now

Only for another couple of hours, then Epic changes the freebie to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms : Epic Champions of Renown Pack.

The DLC Pack includes 5 new champions with accompanying chests and two new familiars. You will need to download the free Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm via Epic Games Store, then login to activate the DLC Pack.

Sounds like we are the ones giving away something in that whole thing…

Anyone have an extra Borderlands 1/2/pre-sequel (not 3) key they want to part with? Looking for one to start out nephew on.

I think I have one. I’ll check later when I have some time and send you a message if I do.

Were those ever parts of Humble Monthly/Choice or Fanatical bundles? If so I could check as well but I think I would have given those away already.

I have 2 games to go, usual stuff Qt3 regulars with posts

F1 2020

I would most assuredly take F1 2020 for a spin, as it’s got some VR mileage apparently and I can spare you any further racing puns.

Will PM both

F1 2020 and Outward gone

Also have

Yakuza Kiwami 2 going

If it’s still available I’ll take that Yakuza 2 off of your hands. I am hoping to play through them all in Japanese…eventually.

Sent, all gone now.

I’ve got a few from the March Humble Choice to give away. Qt3 regulars with non-spammy post history, please PM if interested. I’ll send gift links so if you know someone who would want them feel free to pass the links on:

Kingdom Two Crowns–GONE
Boreal Blade

They were. I gave away a pre sequel and BL1 code or two back in the day. @SweetJP has come through for me.

Would anyone like a key for Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?

edit: Taken.

Claim your free Gnome Adventure.

“Can you break the make the annoying cloud go away?”

That’s the kind of attention to detail I like to see in my free games!

Don’t forget this week’s free game at Epic Game Store is Pine. I’d never heard of it, but it has a cool look to it.

It does look interesting! This at least puts it above most of the other things I’ve clicked that blue button for.

I wonder how they do “creatures much smarter than humans” since, you know, you can’t really make a game AI that’s much smarter than a human. Lot’s of scripted interactions, I guess?