Giveaway thread!

Yeah, I think the idea is that the piece you’re holding is closer to you than the rest of the pieces and so appears a little bigger. It’s a bit weird given the lack of other perspective but didn’t break my enjoyment of the game.

I’d say they definitely play with those borders. I thought they were meant to be lead around the pieces, as to prevent you from cutting your fingers.

Nice lineup! I am definitely jumping on Total War : Warhammer II as I don’t own it anywhere, and Glass Masquerade and Hero’s Hour are both games I have considered picking up in the past.

Fallout 76 - I know you can play solo, but is it worth playing solo. In other words, will playing it solo feel like playing a new Fallout game (cool locations, quests, NPCs and stories), or is it so reliant on the multiplayer aspect that solo players will just be admiring the landscape but not progressing the story (assuming there is one) much?

Finally! I’ve been waiting patiently for some years…

There was a surge of activity with Glass Masquerade a year or so ago here. I played it then, and enjoyed it. It’s a chill out game for sure.

As for Fallout 76 I recall reviews saying that as long as you don’t have PVP enabled (uh, I think this is a thing), you could simply play it as a single-player game and ignore the other online players. I don’t think this was possible at the launch since I vaguely recall initially there were no NPCs but they have updated the game quite a bit since then. Oh yeah, I also vaguely recall that you could very well run across helpful players that you can team up with to take down some of the endgame bosses. So my recollection is that you can certainly play it as a single-player game.

Perhaps there will be a mini-surge of interest here in playing Fallout 76 and people could cooperate to do stuff (whatever ‘stuff’ is!).

I don’t appear to own Warhammer II anywhere so I’m looking forward to that one.

Does Fallout 76 require a subscription?

The black border around the pieces definitely makes the contours little misleading, and it’s exaggerated in spots where the pieces get very narrow. In my experience, you get used to it quickly and it becomes, at worst, just another part of the challenge.

No, not unless you want to play on a private server. It has all sorts of freemium / cosmetic stuff for you to buy and some that they give you automatically for playing the game. You can ignore this if you want.

If you enjoyed Fallout 4, Fallout 76 makes for a decent Fallout 4.5.

FO76 is a pretty good solo game.

Thanks guys! Sounds like FO:76 may be my next game after I finish King Arthur : Knight’s Tale.

Hmm, do the Prime games not drop on the weekend or something? I’m not seeing them on Twitch.

Huh, yeah. Don’t see them either. Usually they’re right on the dot.

Not like I don’t have a couple hundred games to play already.

Yeah, I was clicking around and nothing. Tomorrow it is.

So here it is Monday and I still can’t find it. Anybody have a link?

Not out yet either.

They’re up now. Or at least some of them are. No Total Warhammer 2, Shadow of War, or Glass Masquerade. Yet.

Edit: Ok, TW2 and Glass Masquerade are there now. Still no Shadow of War.

TW2 is on EGS, which isn’t ideal as I have TW1 on Steam. Oh well, still a good free game!

And Fallout 76 is on the Windows Store…

I only see Horace, Hero’s Hour and Loom as Prime free games. Under the heading Free Games with Prime. Perhaps there are higher level Prime memberships? I should know how that works.

Huh. They’re all now showing for me under “Games, free with Prime”. You’re going all the way to the bottom of the page?