Giveaway thread!

I’ve seen the scrap box but how do you get the raider armor?

I am confused as well. I actually purchased the 1st. But I see no raider armor anywhere when in game. OTOH I see the Raider armor as a skin. I’ll have to look around more.

Well I’m usually receiving from this thread so I figured it’s time to give back. These games are up for grabs from last months Choice Bundle. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

Just Cause 4 Complete Edition. GONE

Forgive Me Father. GONE

Descenders GONE


shapez + DLC GONE

Genesis Alpha One currently free on GOG:

Epic Store Freebies this week are :

Warhammer 40K : Mechanicus

Mechanicus is 92/95% positive on Steam, and Saturnalia was loved by RPS, so it seems it’s a good week.

Monster Train on Steam up for grabs.


I’m interested in Monster Train if it’s still available.

It seems it isn’t anymore, it’s listed as 21 euros here.

I interpreted @zenblack’s post as you did and went to Steam, but it was at $24.99 here in the US, so I’m guessing the phrasing meant “Steam key up for grabs” instead.

It’s a good game. If you’re not pushed off by the aesthetics and if you liked Slay the Spire you should try it. Might get hundreds of hours of joy out of it.

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate giveaway (along with some other indie stuff) on Twitch Prime this month.

One of the games on Prime is Facility 47 which has this artic theme. Looks interesting but you have to download yet another game launcher. (Legacy Games WTF?). I claimed it but stopped short of installing the launcher.

Yeah, I don’t go for anything that requires the Legacy Games launcher. At least so far. But I finally succumbed to installing the Amazon Games Launcher this month.

Vermintide 2 is free on Steam through Nov 7, or as long as supplies last.

Garfield Kart - Furious Racing for Steam is free on Fanatical. You’ll also get a 10% code for their bundles - good until 12/31.

Star Wars Squadrons free on Epic until December 1

If have Amazon Prime, and you have collected Warhammer 1 and 2 on Epic, here is a new thing.
The Elves DLC.

Free month of gamepass ultimate. New members only

Your code for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is H9FYQ-DYQXF-FMVVX-HRK6P-Y9JWZ.

Voxel RPG construction set RPG In A Box is FREE on the Epic Store through 12/8.

Super fun turn-based tactics fantasy game Fort Triumph is also FREE on Epic Store through 12/8.