Giveaway thread!


I’d love to get Grim Fandago Remastered if you’ve still got it available. I loved the original back in the late 90s.


I think I have sent keys to everyone who requested one. If you were bummed out about missing out on Unity of Command or Tharsis they are up for grabs again.


I’ll try Tharsis please, thanks!


Can I put my name in the hat for The Witcher 3? Thanks!


I’ve got way too many games to play already (including at least one from @marquac ) so I’ll just thank him again for his generosity, and wish him and his a Merry Christmas. And the same goes for @tomchick and Qt3. You guys and gals give me some hope for the online version of humanity. :-)


Very nice list!

Could I try: NEO Scavenger



I would be interested in Deponia: The Complete Journey if it’s still available.


Thank you @marquac for Super Mega Baseball – downloading now. Appreciate your generosity!


@marquac I’ve had Men At War Assault Squad on my wishlist for over a year. Would love that!


Very generous of you Marquac! I missed out on most of the games that I had an interest in but I’d like to get in on the draw for The Witcher 3!


I’d like to try Her Story if still available. Thanks for being so generous.


I’m at a family function right now. Tomorrow morning I will send a ou the key. My apologies for the delay.


So it looks like there were 6 people who were interested in The Witcher.


I’m kind of embarrassed and I want to apologize. Here are the draw results:

Instead of the one key which I thought I had it appears that I have six. So Mysterio, Daagar. CraigM, WarpRattler, Charmtrap, and Canuck, you all are getting a key for The Witcher. You’ll need to friend me on Steam so PM me and I can give you my Steam details or at least PM me to confirm your Steam name if you have friended me on there already.


You are awesome marquac! 6 people get to play one of the best games of all time!


I’m almost embarrassed to follow up marquac with this, but does anyone want a Steam key of Corporate Lifestyle Simulator? PM me.


Friended! That’s very cool! Merry Christmas!


This is why this is such a great site, great people!

Merry Christmas everyone.


I knew it! Santa is indeed Canadian.

In the spirit of our most generous @marquac, I would like to offer one of my favorite games. So I know that one of you received Unity of Command.

So @Madmarcus or anyone else who has only the base game of Unity of Command? we will rectify that. Because Red Turn and Black Turn are fantastic scenarios for one of my 5 favorite strategy games ever.

Or, if you don’t have it at all? Don’t be shy! I will offer a limited* supply of keys. It’s only right :)

*ill tell you the limit when I hit it


Very generous of you, marquac! Going to pick up Witcher 3 for my wife one of these days since she seemed interested in my PS4 playthrough.


Whether you like the game, or if you hate it, or if all of us yammering about it for so long has totally oversold it, as a fan I’d love to hear impressions in the Witcher thread as you folks get around to playing.