Giveaway thread!


Does anyone have a extra key for Frozen Cortex? I know they gave a free second key when you purchased the game so I thought maybe someone might have an extra available. I’m thinking about buying the game but it sounds like the online community is dead and I’m not sure how good the solo experience is.


I’ve got a Steam key for it. Friend me (ddtibbs) and I’ll send it to you.


Friend invite sent, Thanks!


For the first person that replies to this post (in-thread) in the next hour with the name of the music composer for Offworld Trading Company, I will PM them a Steam key for the game. Not a trick question, just a low-level minimum effort gate.


Christopher Tin


Just in time, on its way.


Woohoo! Thanks!


Enjoy @pizzaddict that is a great game!


Doesn’t @pizzaddict have to hum a few bars for us as well?


The music in this game is really good, this Christopher Tin guy should think about trying to make a career out of it.


[insert obligatory tin ear joke here]


I woke up this morning and felt just as crazy as I did yesterday, so here we go again.

The first person who replies to this post in-thread with the name of one of the four (soon to be five) HQ types in Offworld Trading Company gets a PM’d Steam key for the game. Again, not meant to be difficult, just to make sure you want the key enough to jump through a solitary hoop held at ground level in order to get it.


I’d like to give Offworld Trading Company a try so – Robotic HQ!


Wonderful! The other acceptable answers were Expansive, Scavenger, Scientific and Nomadic. That last one is coming in the next DLC whenever that rolls out.


Awesome, thank you! :D


You’re awesome @Otagan!


Uplay Keys for anyone that wants it. Reply if interest, let’s say been a QT3 member for 1 yr and 50 posts. (disclaimer: This is not a steam key, it is uplay key from current Humble bundle)
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China


I have a steam key for Spec Ops: The Line and Pony Islsnd and Steam gifts of Portal 2 and Tomb Raider (2013). If you have been an Qt3 member for over a year, PM me your choice and your Steam name. One per person.

Portal 2 gone.
Specs Ops gone.
Added Pony Island,


I’ve got Steam keys for:

Tank Blast - GONE
Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again - GONE

PM me if interested.


Hi folks, got some extra Steam keys to give away; just PM me if you see something you’re interested in.

Binary Domain - GONE - FPS a handful of Qt3 folks seem to adore.
Botanicula - GONE - Amanita! Adorable!
The Bridge - Puzzles!
Costume Quest - Double Fine! Adorable!
Dark Scavenger - GONE - Fun and goofy.
Frozen Synapse - GONE - Turn based tactics.
Goat Simulator - Ragdoll physics laffs.
Guacamelee! - I never finished it. Close, though.
Gunmetal Arcadia Zero - GONE - I’m told this is like Zelda II or Castlevania?
Gunpoint - GONE - Stealth puzzler thingy that I quite enjoyed.
Guns of Icarus Online - GONE - Multiplayer airship-to-airship combat thing.
Hack ‘n’ Slash - GONE - Puzzle/Hacking game. I liked it. Steam reviewers did not.
King Arthur’s Gold - GONE - I don’t really know what this is. Multiplayer, mostly.
Psychonauts - That old classic.
Torchlight II - GONE - More diablo-ish-ing.