Giveaway thread!


It’s a TPS! But yep, it’s pretty good.


Oh sheesh, that’s right. I played it for a bit a couple years back and remembered wrong. Third person meathead shooter. TPMHS.


Where my brain went.


With the newest monthly humble bundle, I have the following duplicate game key to give away (steam keys):

Neon Chrome - Gone
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - Gone

Also available, Uplay key for

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China


I’d like Neon Chrome.


Just in time, check your PM.


Thank you for your generosity!


Anyone interested in my key for Jotun? Purely because I’ve already got it. Not especially long game but very polished graphics and a cool Norse mythology story line. PM me if you’re interested!


I’d love to check it out if it’s still up for grabs.


I have an Xbox One key for Dark Souls 3 up for grabs. (I already have it on PS4.) Rather than first-come-first serve I’ll randomize between everyone who says they are interested in the next 24 hours.

It’s likely North America only but I’m not sure.


Would love a crack at DS3, thanks for the chance!


Sorry Brad, already gone!


I have 3 Steam keys for Tricone Lab, a puzzle game the kind I enjoy: no reverse-engineering of the author’s brain, and oftentimes multiple approaches and solutions.
The game is a bit on the easy side, although it was perfectly suited for an appropriate teasing of the grey cells here. A very handy level editor is built-in.
Which leads to this: it is early access as, as far as I understand it, the author has been trying to get more levels done for a proper release. The game itself is finished.
I actually tried to build myself a collection of a few levels, under the name PhilosOffer, accessible to download from within the game, if you care to give them a try.

PM me, if you are interested. I’ll hand the keys tomorrow, and in the -improbable- odd that so many people message me I can’t hand everyone a key, I’ll do an amazing drawing like those Youtubing superstars.


I have some extras from this month’s Humble Monthly. Let me know if you’re interested in Project CARS, HoPiKo or Mother Russia Bleeds.


What a tremendous success! 5 people opted in!

And the results are… drumroll…

I will message the (hopefully working) keys at once!

Edit: If you find the puzzles too simple, there is a whole new challenge in trying to get to make a proper level for the game - I’d argue it is a more difficult gymnastic, but just as rewarding, although I must confess it was my first and only effort at trying to make a level in any game.


It looks really interesting. Thanks for the key!


I’ll expect that report first thing Monday, with the new cover sheet


Oh shoot! I’ve been going back and forth about getting Legend of Heroes for the past week. If anyone else has extra keys from Humble Bundle please let me know.


I’m deeply interested in Project CARS, if it’s still around.


I’d happily take this off your hands if it’s still available, Chris.

EDIT: Thanks Chris! :)