Giveaway thread!


Check your PMs!


Thank you, very generous of you!


Oh also have these keys still laying around I think:

Total War: ROME II - Caesar in Gaul (DLC)


Ooh, I’ve been looking to give Stronghold Crusader 2 a try. I had lots of good times with the classics.


I’d like to have Victor Vran, please.


Eador: Masters of the Broken World is an interesting game. I already have it on GOG, but for fans of games in the vein of HoMM or Age of Wonders, it’s a good pick.


I’d be interested in Insurgency, if you still have the extra key.


I would like to try that one. :)


I have a Humble Bundle gift link for anyone that wants Victor Vran for PC.

Edit: GONE!


In honor of Offworld Trading Company ranking at #2 on the Quarterlies list for 2016, I’m going to give away two more copies of it. I’m Crazy with a capital C.

The first copy goes to the first individual who replies to this post in-thread with the number of votes that OTC garnered to get its spot on the list.


Sorry Grifman, Victor Vran is already gone


Otagan: 64, dudes!


Boom. That’s all it takes.

Second copy of Offworld Trading Company to the first one who replies to this post stating the name of Soren Johnson’s game company that developed OTC.


Mohawk Games


I didn’t even get to navigate off the page! Excellent.


That was awesome, @Otagan.


Thanks, Otagan! I hope I will enjoy the game as much as you clearly do!


Thank you, Otagan! downloading now…


You will all enjoy it I hope! @Otagan great giveaway.


Anybody who hasn’t bought the game yet should grab it quick, before Stardock run out of copies because of Otagan.