Giveaway thread!


OK, I’ll make The Patron and the Patriot my next one as I already have The Ceres Initiative.


May He hear you…

I understand there is a new expansion to be released very soon, which adds 2 new factions, so maybe this is the one you’ll want to get - I think Patron and Patriot is focused on the single player.


Spare Humble Links for :

Else Heart.Break()
Evoland 2

1 per person.


I would like Else Heart.Break please!


That’s OK, I’m focused on single player too :-)

The new expansion is worth watching out for too though, so thanks!


I’ll take Evoland 2 if still available.




Spare Humble steam key for:

Else Heart Break() - Gone


No problem, thanks for the offer regardless!


I want to take Else Hearth Break, if it is still available, Thanks :)


Hmmm, I just got scammed for the first time while doing a steam trade key. Gave my key first and the guy just ran away. I mean, I don’t really care about some big security setup, it was a stupid key for a crappy game, but it’s disappointing to think people have it in them to scam you out of cents. Do you guys know if reporting someone to Steam amounts to anything?

Really makes me consider giving away the whole lot to people around here.


Errr, it’s been a while since i did steam trade but isn’t it setup that you both have to place respective items (keys etc.) into a window and then both agree on the trade?


If you’re trading Steam gifts, yes. There’s no recourse for trading external keys.

@Woodlance: You can try reporting but it’s likely Steam won’t do anything. Your best bet is to report them on whatever site you set up the trade on.


It would be a good idea to post the name they go by as well.


Not a game, but I posted this in the password managers thread:


X-Com ufo defense is free at humblebundle for the next day or so


I have the CD version but it’s nice to have it on Steam too. Thanks.


Time to give something back.

From the last monthly bundle, I have a key of ABZU. Who wants it?


Underwater Journey? Yes please :)


Aaaah, got here too late :)


@rhamorim check your PM’s.