Giveaway thread!


I’m a sucker for games about building things then destroying them, if this is still available.


Well, I guess there are some takers after all! I think I might have some other keys out there I forgot to take note of too.

Anyway, I know that’s not quite the way this works, but if someone has a key for Flame in the Flood or Toy Odyssey to give out I’d be grateful. They were on Humble Bundle last month or so.


I’ve taken a lot of keys over the years and never given much back, so it’s time to look through the Humble library and see what I can do about that. Shoot me a message or reply to this with the title. One per customer. Have a registration date more than six months in the past. Preferably have fifty posts, or fewer than 50 good ones. :P

Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Company of Heroes+Opposing Fronts+Tales of Valor
Titan Quest
Saints Row: The Third
Waking Mars
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Retro City Rampage DX
Never Alone+Foxtales DLC

Faster Than Light


I’ll grab Outlast if it hasn’t been requested yet. Somehow it never made it on my radar.


That’s literally the only one on that list I don’t have.


I’d gladly take these if they’re still available.


I just got a couple of keys for the closed Smite beta. The email suggested giving one to a friend, but one of my imaginary friends here will have to do.

First to PM me gets it.


Is that a request?


He is requesting help in dealing with being a hoarder I think ;)


I’d like Titan Quest, please.




Thank you Fishbreath for the Titan Quest key!


Thanks Fishbreath!


So I bought the last humble bundle ( the Microids one) and I already own Still Life, both 1 and 2. If you want one of both, hit me up.


I disagree, a lot of these are really quite good. I can vouch for Blazerush (weird tabletop racer thing with a neat VR mode), Snakebird (cute but damned hard puzzler), and Xotic (speedrun oriented FPS). I also had fun with Absolute Drift, Syder, Lovely Planet, Bit Trip Runner and Runespell as well, though some of those are a bit rough around the edges.

Oh, and for what its worth I’ve got a spare key each for Snakebird and Lovely Planet for anyone interested.


I’d be interested in Still Life 2.

Another vote for this really nice puzzle game.
I can also say I enjoyed my limited time with Vintage Year (one of those Roguelittttes).


Thanks, Left_Empty.


Still Life 2 is yours, unfortunately I didn’t see your post before I left the house this morning. I’ll pm the key to you later tonight.


Thank you!


I have got a Steam key for Blue Estate The Game.
Don’t ask me what that is, and PM me if you are interested.