Giveaway thread!


No worries!


Keys I still have:


I have a key for a months VIP in Lord of the Rings Online to a good home - please use it if you want it, since it will expire after a month once you enter it.


I have codes for these:
Victor Vran
Invisible, Inc
Stardew Valley

PM me if you wants them, please meet all of the mysterious criteria.

Update: All gone


I was just coming to post some giveaways myself, and one is PoE, which is:

  1. Awesome, and
  2. A game I already own

Let me know if you still want Pillars!


Indeed! I will send a PM. Many thanks.


You’ve got PM…


I have a copy of Offworld Trading Company to give away as well.

This is another game that is awesome. PM me.

EDIT: Claimed!


And gone to a good home!


Giving away:

Pillars of Eternity – gone
One Piece: Burning Blood

Please be at least moderately tall with a good sense of humor, six-pack abs and a foot fetish. Then make a number go up over my avatar in the upper right – methodology for so doing is up to you.


You’ve been viewed! Pillars could make a nice home on my backlog. :)


I PM’ed you…right in the kisser! Have fun!


But please don’t give us any more details on your foot fetish.


Why, oh why, would you make me do this?

Can’t beat 12 inches!
Don’t get off on the wrong foot.
My milkshake brings all (three) feet to the yard.

Had that 6-pack abs thing covered, too. Specifically, a 6-pack of beer’s worth of fat on my abs.


Need pics of the 6-pack. Good sense of humor also still not proven. (I kid)

I would have accepted a fetish for any unit of measurement, btw.


Thank you very much, triggercut. You are most generous!

I still have a few Steam keys of my own to give away to a good home. PM me if interested.

Dead Space
Planet of the Eyes
Random Access Murder
GONE Shoppe Keep
Town of Salem


I’d like “Westerado: Double Barreled” if it’s still available.


Thank you, @TurinTur.


Anyone from the UK here that also has a subscription to the print copy of PC Gamer? My wife is a hard core Runescape player and is interested in the pet code in the September issue. If you aren’t using it, it would make her very happy to receive it.


Is that UK only?