Giveaway thread!


Need no Oxenfree
but birthday wishes are good
Enjoy yours, from me

Maybe we can set a record for number of people answering a giveaway request without actually taking the game!


Silhouette has aged
Like everyone on Earth does
Happy Birthday, done.

(Don’t need Oxenfree, either just wanted to post a bad Haiku as well!)


Cell Death cannot be halted
Celebrate birthday

(no game required)


Two things are sure in life
Death and taxes
Don’t pay your taxes and maybe you will live forever

I already have Oxenfree


We all fade and die
Like summer flowers in fall
I would like the game

(Sorry to break the streak.)


If you want the game
You need to PM him
Those are the rules


I wish we had a like, so let me express with more words than needed that I found this excellent. Kudos.


I appreciate your like
It warms my heart
You go girl


Congrats to the winner, first to PM. And all you guys make some really depressing haiku ;)


Makes writing a real haiku
On the phone harder.



A fine quality to show
Upon one’s birthday.

Happiness and joy
May they light your way this year
As the harvest moon.


I’m starting to think @rhamorim doesn’t know what a haiku is.


I do. I’m just willingly butchering the concept for comedic effect.

The wind blows
There’s a sudden noise;
The dead leaves


Slow clap gif


No freebie for me
I cannot strain at Haiku
Oh Boy, is Jack dull


The giveaway thread
not the place for bad poems
post more free games please


You are a buzzkill
Please don’t harsh the giving buzz
Don’t drink the koolaid


Yeah yeah ohhh oh yeah
This sounds like an eighties song
Yeah wow okay yeah


If I had a like
a like I would give to you
alas I have none


Why do I follow this thread?
There’s no Brigador