Giveaway thread!


In a parallel
Universe there’s a haiku
thread full of free games


Live long and prosper
Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!
Star Trek haiku, bitch


This is the best yet
because I had the same thought
but not in haiku


it sounds a bit like
you congratulate yourself
snowy modesty


I once grabbed a game for free
From the giveaway thread all could see
The code wasn’t gone
But it wouldn’t last long
And I played until quarter to three


Backwards words say I
Again go I there, shit oh
Now give me free game


Limerick that way
This way giveaway haiku
Silhouette to blame


Tylertoo could have
at least sticked to the Waka
but the rhymes were strong


Is it five or six
Sounding out my syllables
I count on fingers


At this point I will
Apologize, and request:
Kindly Make It Stop


In this thread today
We gave not games but haiku
It was not as good


Forty-nine giveaway posts?
What the hell is this?


You missed out on a sweet copy of Oxenfree.


Was that recent? It seems like it was so long ago…


Oxenfree is gone
But words, unlike @sillhouette
Will live on and on


Is at sign spoken?
If it is, there’s too many
syllables in there.


A Steam Code for free
Outlast key I give to thee
Find your code below


  • Replace the ### with the acronym for Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Must be redeemed before October 7th. Enjoy!


The key was still free
It was redeemed then by me
Thank you gratefully


COMBO BREAKER!!! Got a few games free for the taking, first come first served. As always, my preference is for folks who have been around a while but if there are no takers I’ll open them to anyone.

Shadowrun Returns
Shoppe Keep
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl
FaceRig (no idea, some kind of facial photography manipulation thingy? I don’t want it) - claimed
FaceRig Pro Upgrade DLC (listed separately, but I’m ok to give it away with the base tool as a set) - claimed


I’d take FaceRig and the DLC if no one else wants it.

EDIT: Thanks!