Giveaway thread!


Don’t you have to own the original, though? Yeah, you do, but if you buy alliance, you get the original for free. Not sure how that would work if you only redeemed the alliance code.


Thank you!


You may! I’ll send a PM.


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Free for the first time:


Bundles of humble
Soon keys here galore But I’m
early with offerings

Fallen Enchantress

Political Machine 2016

Z = zero


Did Fallen Enchantress get better? I was one of the people who returned it post-release because it had problems (not that I can remember what they are, I just remember the negative feelings and I remember it was bad enough that they had to offer refunds).


I think FE, especially the Legendary Heroes edition, is their best 4X game - better than GalCiv and Sorcerer King.


I agree.


The Corporate Machine humble bundle gift key up for grabs.


So this Humble Bundle has a bunch of stuff that I wanted. Also a few things I already have. Please have been here at least for 4 years. And be a poster, not a lurker. Sorry lurkers.

PM me for codes.

Fallen Enchantress

The Political Machine 2016

The Corporate Machine

Offworld Trading Company


I also have a key for Fallen Enchantress.
PM for code.

Edit: Gone


I believe you are referring to Elemental. Stardock improved on it and released Fallen Enchantress and gave it to those of us who bought Elemental. Classy.

Funny, I was thinking today I should revisit FE.


Been curious about Offworld Trading Company if it’s still available. Thanks!


When y’all wake up please let me know if the codes went through. For those that missed a code, very sorry.


It’s official: I’ve bought too many games. Now I’m accidentally buying games twice. Have codes for Offworld Trading Company and Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation. PM me if you want them. Thanks.



I also have spare keys for :

Fallen Enchantress - Ultimate Edition - GONE
Offworld Trading Company - GONE

PM if interested.


I’ve not done this before, so bear with me. Since some of you have been kind enough to gift me games, it is time for me to return the favor. I have keys for the following. Please PM me if you want any of the following:

Sorcerer King: Rivals - GONE
Fallen Enchantress - GONE
The Corporate Machine
Galactic Civilizations III - GONE



There is a Steam key
Demon Hunter 3: Revelation’s
Intrigued? Message me.


A Steam key for Fallen Enchantress the standard version going here.

It has gone.


I have a Steam key for Green Game: Timeswapper if anyone wants