Giveaway thread!


Are you asking for Orwell?


Yes! Sorry - I was distracted by rampaging children. :)


Hey, Moggraider, if you still have Lakeview Cabin, I’ll take it. Thanks!


Thank you for Momodora: Reverie under the Moonlight!


Damn, I wish I were fast enough for one of those Shadow Tactics. :-/


Sorry bout that, because this game is amazingly fun!

I forgot how much I missed Commandos.


MDK is free on GOG right now.


Sanctum 2 free on Humble Bundle for about 24 hours.


I missed the window on MDK. No longer free.


That is a fun game.


As of this post The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is free on Humble Bundle.


I have a free copy of Sexy Brutale to give away - 1yr + accts only, please PM me if interested.

edit: gone


Thank you very much: looking forward to trying it this week-end!


Hi all, I have 2 games that are trickling down from QT3’s Christmas generosity:
Jump Stars
ARMA Gold Edition

Comment or PM to claim.



Edit: Claimed.

I have an extra key for a supposedly adorable cat game called Purring Quest. IM me if you want it.

Edit: I’m not saying it isn’t adorable, I haven’t played it yet. But the reviews are good and say it’s adorable!


HomeFront is free from the Humble Store right now.


The first game, right? By all accounts that was pretty dire, but hey, free.


Got a few new games available to whoever asks first -

The Last Door - Collector’s Edition
The Last Door - Season 2: Collector’s Edition
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

These are all pretty decent point and click adventure games, worth a try.


Grim Fandango is free for two days on GOG.