Giveaway thread!

I always feel that much more joyful coming into this thread. One of these days, I’ll put my big list out. Haven’t had the energy this past year.

Cheers to all who give and all who thank them!

Steam keys for BSG Deadlock, PS:T Enhanced, and Tower of Time up for grabs.

First person to PM me asking for any or all of the three with >500 posts with a join date >1 year gets them.

Edit: All gone. Gotta be fast!

Epic’s free game this week is Among Us, so go grab it if you don’t already have it!

I also have a Planescape Torment and Tower of Time key going spare. PM, etc.

EDIT: both gone now!

I’ve got a Railway Empire key to give away, ping me.

edit - claimed

Thanks for PS:T @charmtrap appreciate it very much :)

Thanks @charmtrap

Hopefully this game grabs my interest. Been having a dry spell lately.

I also have a key for Railway Empire. PM for Choo-Choo!

Edit: Taken

Just noticed that Little Nightmares is free on Steam until May 30 - anyone play it?

No, and I never ever will, but I definitely clicked that button.

It’s quite atmospheric. The world is fun and weird and occasionally scary to be in. The actual gameplay…enh. But it’s worth getting for free and putting a little time into to see if you get into the story.

I played the free demo a while back, and quite liked it: great atmosphere. So I’m definitely getting this one, thanks for posting it!

Thanks for the heads-up, abidingdude.

It’s similar to the Playdead games Limbo and Inside: a side-scrolling puzzler with gorgeous creepy atmosphere. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though not as much as the Playdead games.

BF4 key for Origin. Given by having Amazon Prime, so it isn’t exactly valuable anymore

Replace the ? with the initial letter for this site.

Another Battlefield 4 key for Origin

Get the key


Control and Genshin Impact is free on Epic Game Store till June 17.

Mind you, Genshin Impact is F2P. You get some in-game resources.

Do you like free games? Well, then we've got something you're going to love. Surviving Mars is free for the next 72 hours! So what are you waiting for? Redeem your copy before it's too late!

— Humble Bundle (@humble) June 11, 2021

But don’t forget, kids, to actually redeem your free game within a week or so with Humble, or it goes poof and disappears!

(I’ve had that one bite me in the butt before)