Giveaway thread!

What’s the free game?

Oops, never mind. Just being inattentive.

I quite liked it! But it also hits at a very particular nexus of several of my interests.

Let me chime in on Surviving Mars: The DLC Green planet is especially recommended and really improves the gameplay.

What (if any) other DLC would you recommend for maximum enjoyment? Just that one?

Well this is the deluxe edition, so doesn’t it already have all the DLC?

No, it has the deluxe upgrades from launch, looks like.

This is “deluxe” in the “base game with a few extra doodads” sense, not deluxe in an “includes DLC of any significance” sense.

Shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth I guess, but that’s kind of a bummer. Weird use of the word ‘deluxe’.

To be fair, it’s pretty common for games to have a “deluxe edition” at launch that contains extra goodies, this is just one of those. They are giving that version away for free, but not any sort of Season Pass or anything. I agree it’s a bummer though, I’d always wanted to revisit this so when I added it to my library I was surprised to see I only gained like one of the DLC.

This one was given away by Epic a couple of years ago. I was actually hoping the Humble edition included the DLC. Oh well. C’est la vie.

Indeed. I’m perfectly happy with a free game as let’s be honest, I’ll probably only ever play it for 30 minutes max. It looks like a Sims in space (from the video on Steam). Is that an inaccurate assessment?

It’s more of a city builder than anything else. Resource management, laying out your colony, that sort of thing.

Yes, but unlike that one where you can buy the DLC only from Epic at whatever price Epic wants, with a steam version it’s conceivable you could get the dlc for cheap somewhere else.

Very well said. Almost the only games I actually buy on EGS if I can help it (same goes for the Windows store) are ones where they have a third party storefront/app in any case, such as Ubisoft Connect, in which case I can at least buy any DLC from Ubisoft itself when they list it for a song eventually.

No, quite a good game and well worth a try (unless you flat out don’t like colony/city builders). Think more along the lines of Banished/Anno/Aven Colony than Sims.

The justifications folks come up with for not getting something for free… :)

It isn’t necessarily complaining about it being free, but rather that if you DO enjoy the game and eventually want to “get it all”, you could conceivably be stuck paying much more for the DLC (OR end up having the “rebuy” the base game on another platform). I could see people not wanting a free game now and the risk of having to pay $30 later to complete the collection vs. just waiting a while and getting the whole shebang for $15.

Why not get the game for free now, then later on when it’s only $15 for the whole shebang you’ll know it’s worth it?

Free=Free it seems to me…

Shhh. Don’t disrupt our miser logic.

You also get to add another game to the backlog. Win/Win!