Giveaway thread!

Is pretty good vanilla.

Is better with Green Planet.

Honestly don’t recall the other DLC so they obviously suck.

Listen to this man right here.

Though some of the dome visuals are neat.

I don’t see how you can think I was complaining. I grabbed it at both stores! Just opining that I’m much more likely to get dlc on Steam for the reason stated.

That’s what I’m coming up with in my own research. I think with the summer sale coming up here in a few weeks I’m best off dropping that DLC on my wishlist and seeing how it comes up during the sale. Thanks!

I think it’s awesome that the game is free, all thanks to the storefronts giving this stuff away. My point in saying it’s kind of a bummer is that while I will accept the free game, I am much less likely to bother with installing and playing a game that I perceive to incomplete or lesser because it’s lacking some functionality, even if that game is free. I don’t know much about Surviving Mars itself, but the idea that it’s better with some DLC implies that it’s worse without it, so it drops down my list of stuff I feel the need to play.

It is a perfectly fine and enjoyable game on its own. Don’t worry about it.

You’re right, I apologize. I read your tone wrong and responded like an ass.

Hey, this is the internet! Stop being reasonable!

I swear I said the same thing earlier.

Titan Souls is free on Steam.

A very mean game, approach with caution :O

Yeah I hated that one. Left a bad review and had people arguing with me that my opinion was wrong lol

Well it was ;)

Hellpoint is being given away on GOG right now. Due to how they handle giveaways (blech) I can’t link directly to it, just go to the site.

Despite being a Certified Soulslike Connoisseur I hadn’t really planned on playing this one; it just didn’t get great reviews or really appeal to me, setting wise. But, well, I guess now I have to!

I already had it on Steam, thanks to last month’s Humble monthly bundle, which got me to sign up for that for the first time. But hey, a DRM-free version on GoG, I’ll take it.

Oh man, Sonic Mania free this week on Epic. Once again, procrastination etc. Also something called Horizon Chase Turbo.

That is amazing. I almost bought it everytime Sonic Mania hit $10 on Xbox Live. The only thing that kept me from pulling the trigger is that I’ve never enjoyed any previous Sonic game.

It’s an Outrun-style retro racing game with some modern gameplay changes.

And it’s pretty great. It’s no Sega Rally 2, but what is?

The only one I played was Sega Rally Evo on the 360. That was very good on the first round of difficulty, where you play all the courses once. And then the second round, I couldn’t win a single race. Were the earlier games like that too?