Giveaway thread!

I got it in (I think) the first Humble Choice Bundle (where it took that name) and it’s pretty great, but gets really hard (for my 60 year old reflexes, anyway). It ate up most of my Sunday one time.

Earlier games were even harder prolly, but funnier too!
Sega Rally 2 is a real gem, it’s got an absolutely irrealistic and incredibly satisfying driving.

Sonic games are the antithesis of what I enjoy about many games, which is taking my time, exploring every avenue, admiring the scenery etc. ;) I know I’m doing it wrong, but they trigger my OCD… wait, I missed some rings, I want to go back! But you know I’m going to try this anyway just to see.

GOG is giving away the Shadowrun Trilogy.

Got an extra key for Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun if anyone wants it. Fuckin great game.


I’ve got a copy, but I’ve been sitting on that one for a while because it didn’t strike me as a must play for whatever reason. I’ve gotta browse the Qt3 thread and see what the consensus is.

Such a great game. Someone, grab it!

Thanks to Charmtrap for Shadow Tactics!

Well I missed the giveaway but see it is on the Steam sale at 90% off, putting it at a measly four bucks. I take it I should try this.

Thanks to @lordkosc for the extra Shadow Tactics key!

Yes, it’s definitely worth the $4, assuming you enjoy the genre. It’s not like we’re flooded with these kind of games and Shadow Tactics is a superior example of the genre, so it’s worth the money even if you’re not sure.

Just noticed that there’s an expansion coming later in the year, too. That’s pretty cool…I don’t imagine many games get DLC three years excuse me, FIVE years after the original release.

What @charmtrap said. If you like the genre it will please.

Mimimi is self-publishing, and probably self-funding, their next project. DLCs for Shadow Tacitics or Desperados help keep the spice flowing. So it makes sense.

Anyone else considering buying Shadow Tactics in the Steam Sale, you should really purchase the Killer Bundle 18 from Fanatical instead. For $1 more ($4.99) you get Shadow Tactics AND Warhammer 40K Gladius, Rise of Industry and its 2130 DLC, Overpass, Help Will Come Soon, Sundered and Hotshot Racing.

Add on another $3 and you can also get Kingdom Come : Deliverance (one of my personal favorite games of the past few years) with the Band of Bastards and From the Ashes DLCs.

It is imho one of their best bundles ever.

I was planning on coming here and giving away parts of that wonderful bundle, but Steam took them all. So I guess I really didn’t own all those games in that bundle after all. I could have sworn I had a couple of them already, but I guess not.

Anyway, I’ll be installing Help Will Come Soon and Kingdom Come Deliverance for now, and putting the rest in the backlog for now.

Thanks to this, I now have a spare key for Shadow Tactics as well, if anyone else still wants it!

Edit: and… gone!

Bunch of free games went up on Amazon/Twitch, including Doublefine’s Rad and Telltale Games’ Batman: The Enemy Within (I think both are pretty great). You can pick them up here:

Prime Gaming (

edit: looks like The Spectrum Retreat is available as this week’s Epic Games freebie as well.

This week’s Epic free games are Bridge Constructor: the Walking Dead, which has better reviews than I would have imagined, and something called Ironcast, which is a match 3 roguelite, something I haven’t played since Puzzle Quest. Just went through the tutorial and it seems like a pretty good one!

Ironcast is good. Not brilliant or anything, but it can be pretty fun. Not as much as Puzzle Quest, but it’s one of the better attempts at trying to capture that kind of magic.