Giveaway thread!

Well, they used to be, anyway, before Morgoth (?) corrupted them.

Don’t believe the propaganda :O

I can’t ask for games that I wouldn’t have time to play. It’s not fair to others.

That’s always the dilemma, isn’t it? Sometimes I’ll wait a day or three before asking in those cases, figuring that someone else might grab it first.

I have spare Steam keys for Mafia: Definitive Edition and Between the Stars. PM if you would like either (or both).

Edit: Both gone now

Dadgummit, just an hour and I missed BTS! :(

I can square you away if you need a BTS key. PM me.

I got you

This is why I hadn’t asked for it – I would love to try it, but also recognize that I may not put a lot of time into it, and wanted to give others a chance first.

So, that said, if you’ve had no takers in the past day, I’d happily find that key a new home!

T’is yours, good sir, although tsk tsk, you didn’t PM me, but I’ll let it slide THIS TIME. ;-)

Hope you have a lot of HDD/SSD space because it’s “yooj.” Also, I haven’t checked if it’s region-locked or anything. Are you in one of those countries where they don’t like a lot of gore in their games?

I’ll send along a gift link later this evening.

Lemme check… I have 866 GB free on my D drive. That should work! And I’m in the USA.

I’ll PM you now and thank you!

Thank you so much for the key! Much appreciated!

Jedi Fallen Order key still available. PM me. :)

Edit: Gone

This is the last place I expected K-Pop.

Thanks for this @Hotfreak ! Looking forward to playing it tonight. I’ll try to post some thoughts on the thread; its generated a fair bit of chatter.

I do what I can to promote peace between the nations :)

Who was the character in some movie who had a line like that, something like “Once in a while, I like to help the humans.” It struck me then but I can’t remember who the character or the actor was. Suppose I could Google it.

Anyway, à propos of giveaways (usual caveats apply, and PM me), how about:

  • Railway Empire GONE


Yup. Should have remembered that. I loved that show to death. Too bad about Michael Richards. Anyone know if he’s tried to be a better person in more recent times? Or is he just sitting pretty on his pile of money?

Keys available from some of the recent bundles/freebies for non-fly-by-night forum members:

  • Iratus: Lord of the Dead (GOG)
  • Solitarica (Steam)
  • Iris and the Giant (Steam)
  • Monster Slayers (Steam)
  • Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (Origin)

PM me.