Giveaway thread!

Yep, but I don’t see any indication of how long that sale will last.

Looks like they just sell Steam keys of the game these days. I’m surprised the Steam beta function won’t let you roll back to those early versions, but I see they’re missing. Bummer. This discussion also reminded me that CK3 exists - I’d totally forgotten about it.

Poor Gamersgate - started out as Paradox’s digital storefront, then got split off and abandoned for Steam, then Paradox ended up wandering off and making another digital storefront.

Oh well. Thank you for checking, and gamersgate was my favourite online store. A bit sad what happens to them, the name obviously didn’t help - how unlucky some people can be!

I keep forgetting about ck3 as well, but given i loathe the current free-for-all, let’s remake the whole game every update at Parafox, that omission is probably my brain working for me on its own.

Mine too. They really did get a raw deal.

Heh, I can appreciate that. I don’t really know why I never gelled with CK2 - I enjoyed the first one and I liked CK1, EU2, EU4, and Stellaris, but despite my best efforts (and spending way too much on expansions I never substantially played) I never really found a road in on CK2. There would seem to be little point in looking at CK3, given that.

As far as Stellaris goes, should I just try to play the vanilla game first or is it just missing too much without the expansion packs?

Not just that, but their brand was corrupted by the whole ‘Gamergate’ thing.

My experience with the vanilla version which I bought last week has been satisfying… I figured I’d go slow on this one given how hard some folks on the forum have dunked on the game. I may buy some DLC but for now there are enough ropes to learn in vanilla to keep me involved. Those that are active in the Stellaris thread have been really helpful.

I never found a road into CK2, either, but CK3 has two things going for it right now: a.) it has a great, non-broken tutorial, and b.) right now it has basically no DLC. By the time I got to CK2 the tutorial didn’t work and there was so much DLC to grapple with that I felt like I couldn’t even begin. The game has also been made friendlier in its UI.

Yeah, if anyone thinks they need expansions to enjoy Stellaris they don’t. Expansions are fine but you can check out the vanilla version and you’ll know if it’s for you or not. All the cool stuff you can read about in DLCs descriptions doesn’t really affect the game much.

Agreed with @alekseivolchok. IMHO the strength of Stellaris is as a scifi 4X/grand strategy RPG where you roleplay cool scifi stuff (credit to @KevinC for that description, iirc). So play the base game and if it clicks, then get the DLC that is most appealing to you in terms of cool scifi stuff.

Thank you! Worked like a charm.

Thank you, yes, I saw that you posted that upthread but given the surfeit of games at my disposal right now I wondered specifically whether the vanilla game experience was still worth it nowadays, before I go spending $25 to get the Expansion Pack…pack on GOG. I did skim the article and gathered right away that a couple of features of Utopia in particular are in the vanilla game now.

I’m in the same boat. I bought it and a few expansions a lot time ago but never started either.

One Finger Death Punch. If you’re the 1 person who haven’t play this rhythm game. You should!


_ = 7
& = E

Any regulars here who don’t have Stellaris want a Stellaris key for GOG?

Seriously thinking about it…I quite like this type of games, for a while at least, until the empires become too big to be manageable. Then again I know damn well that I don’t even have the time to play the games I already own, so how would I ever get to play Stellaris? Better not…

I logged on to indiegala to buy something on sale and noticed I had an entire bundle I hadn’t claimed. It turns out one of the games is already in my account, and before I completely forget about it again I’m just going to yeet it here.

Note, it’s some bundle-fodder hidden object game:

Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery


I was hoping to bold the letter k in my previous paragraph, but it turns out I didn’t use that letter. No wonder it’s so hard to use in scrabble. Anyway, that all of the gaps are k.

I was reviewing today the unredeemed keys on Humble. To my surprise, I had a pair of unredeemed games. The rest is stuff I tried to give away before, without success, lol. I guess most of us have them already. Let’s try again:

Crusader Kings II
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered : taken!
Hard Reset Redux : taken!
Sniper Elite
Sniper Elite V2
Poly Bridge
Overgrowth : taken!
Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) : taken
Infested Planet
2064: Read Only Memories
Guacamelee! Gold Edition
The Swapper
Waking Mars
World of Goo
Sam & Max: Devil’s Playhouse
Carmageddon: Max Damage DRM-free (GOG) : taken!

Infested Planet is good, get it!