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The big problem with most digital board games is a lack of competent AI. This isn’t an issue in Gloomhaven as you’re playing against an algorithm rather than other players.

Certainly the game loses some of its magic when you’re playing multiple hands rather than trying to co-ordinate with other humans but it’s still great.

The biggest problem with the digital implementation is that it doesn’t really explain the AI algorithm: exploiting it is a deliberate part of the balance of the boardgame. I’d recommend once you’ve played a couple of scenarios looking for the rules online to get a handle for how the algorithm works.

Well, considering I will probably never own the Gloomhaven boardgame and don’t know anyone who does at the moment, this PC version is as close as I’m likely to get. Hopefully it’s pretty good!

So I tried starting up Gloomhaven and it just seems to be sticking the loading screen forever. I found other people suggesting to run as administrator but that didn’t seem to help. I eventualy just gave up and went to bed

You might need to Alt+Tab and see if there’s a popup prompting you to link the game to your Epic account.

Ok, there was a pop up. I just ignored it lol. Thanks for the heads up.

I tried to like Gloomhaven, but I just couldn’t. As someone who grew up on XCOM, I hated everything about the card mechanic, which is of course rather integral. I especially hated how you had to discard cards just to move even when “out of combat.” Of course, you’re never really out of combat and that’s part of the time constraint which I also didn’t like.

I also didn’t like how it had to be so weird and “edgy,” forsaking traditional fantasy tropes for ugly-assed rock people. Yuck.

As usual, I’m sure I’m in the minority.

Well, I don’t think having rock people is remotely “edgy”, especially since one of my favorite tRPGs (Earthdawn) also had rock people, but I agree on the rest. I appreciate that the use of cards as life mechanic is clever, but I don’t find it fun to play, especially where movement is concerned.

Beat the lurkers:
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I won! Thanks for the game.

Wewt, enjoy

Hey now, some rocks are sharp!

Wasn’t there a DLC rock hero in Dragon Age: Origins?

Not sure. There was a rock troll involved in the Quanari DLC, I think. Maybe.

Yes. It’s the only reason I’ve been wanting to replay DA: Origins since I finished it. Everyone at Qt3 and elsewhere who played through the game and enjoyed it so much more than I did seems to have played through the game with that character. But I didn’t purchase the DLC so I still don’t know what exactly they are talking about.

Shale. Shale was awesome.

I do remember the name Shale. Don’t remember using him though. There are some very good characters in the game. You should play them all.

Is Witcher 3 Heart of Stone not about rock people? That’s what I’ve been assuming.

It’s about magical prosthetics. It’s a precursor to their Cyberpunk game really.

I thought he was just a golem. Also he came with the game when I bought it and wasn’t DLC I had to actually pay for. The code came inside the box. I think this was EAs shady way of introducing you to the DLC vendor in your camp site. It was a “first taste is free” kind of thing.

It was part of EA’s “Project 10 Dollar” to mitigate used game sales.