Giveaway thread!

No clue. I clicked Install then went to bed. Now I can’t find it. Yeah, I also tried accessing C:/Program Files/WindowsApps and got YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION! Access denied! WTF this is MY computer!

What a terrible thing Microsoft.

Right click the folder, choose Properties. Go to the Security tab, click Advanced Settings. Change the owner from TrustedInstaller to administrator or you.

Installing now. After all of the troubleshooting tips from various websites I decided to install all outstanding updates. This included 21H2. I think a newer version of the MS Store was installed.

Installing as slow as shit, but it seems to be working none the less. Where is it installing? No idea. Thanks MS.

So. After a full day of downloading I am now at 40 gigs out of an 81 gig download. I will have to leave my laptop on overnight. This had better be the greatest game ever made. Because I will be so damn angry if, after two days of bullshit, I play it for a few hours and then… no. I can’t think that way.

OTOH, at least it got me to upgrade Windows. Which sucked. And I have to redo all of my fucking settings. So I have that going for me.

What a weird way to react to being given a free game.

You don’t have to download it, you know?

My interpretation from all this is that my older, Win 10 machine will not actually let me install and run this, so I shouldn’t bother.

For many adult gamers, the time spent setting up a game is a much larger investment than a price tag. I would be angry too if I spent alot of time getting a game working and didn’t even enjoy it, but in the case of a free game the person to be angry at is yourself and not the developers. :)

This showed up in the ‘My Library’ section on the PC Gamepass app, maybe check there if your a GP subscriber.

Uh a cautious warning against taking over permissions control of UWP game folders. You might end up with it all being unusable until a reformat.

Everything now installs under “XboxGames” on whatever disk you install it on. It’s no longer obfuscated in any way.

Wait, it requires Win11? WTF. Yeah yeah, free game, but gonna gripe about that bit. Win11 is a no-go on this system (no TPM). Sheesh.

No, it doesn’t require Win11.

We’re talking about Fallout 76? Yeah, I’ve played that on Game Pass for PC, no issues on Windows 10.

Once you get into the game, I suggest setting the display settings to the medium preset, and then tweak from there. I have a pretty good system and it defaulted to Ultra, and performance was really bad. I almost bailed on the game until I did a search and saw recommendations for settings.

What game are we talking about now? Total Warhammer II?

So that’s why it wants me to install an Xbox framework? Lovely. That a .net thing?

I have no idea, but they probably want you to install the Game Pass launcher. That’s what the free game is for.

Speaking of which, I dunno if Game Pass people noticed but they’re also giving away a month of the F76 premium account in the Perks section. Gives you a bundle of the store currency and some other stuff that I’m not sure what it does.

Shadow of War showed up in the Amazon Prime giveaways. It’s on GOG.

Finally. I was wondering about that. I already have it on Steam, and it’s not as tight an experience as SoM, but it’s interesting. Also the Desolation of Mordor DLC is pretty good.

I wonder if their servers are getting slammed - the INSTALL button on the GOG Galaxy client is grayed out and won’t let me download it.