Giveaway thread!

It’s the predecessor of Bethesda games, and of open worlds in general.

For those interested in learning Pathfinder 2E - there is a free game that guides you through the rules.

For the Lovecraft fans out there, this is a 1:1 “sim”, so not a game per se. I played it in VR and quite enjoyed the experience. Depending on how long you get sucked in looking at things or absorbing the atmosphere I would guess it would clock in around an hour.

Epic Games Store giving away two great games this week:

Turn-Based RPG Adventure Earthlock and post-apocalyptic strategy game Surviving the Aftermath

For all the (justified) crap people give Epic, I’ve done really well with their free games. I was thinking about trying out Surviving the Aftermath because I was in the mood for a city-builder. It’s great, you say?

Surviving the Aftermath may be a repeat giveaway. At least I don’t think I bought that.

“Face unspeakable horrors. Succumb to madness.” I thought games were an escape from real life!!!

I had fun with it, yes. Keep meaning to return to it and try another play through but then other games (hello Valheim, Fallout 4, Starfield) get in the way.

Yes, it’s one of the better aftermath builders. Nowhere on par with Frostpunk, but still very good.

I got Frostpunk for free during EGS giveaways. Whenever someone gives me free stuff no strings attached, I’m always happy.

Incase someone here doesn’t have Half-Life already, it’s free to keep this weekend, to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary.

Thanks for the heads up. I think I only actually own the CD version that I bought in June 1999 with my first Windows PC, a P2 400 screamer with a Voodoo 3 3000 with a whopping 16 MB of VRAM. Had a 10 GB HDD, Windows 98SE and I honestly can’t remember how much RAM it came with. What sounds right for a machine of that era? 16 MB?

I know it took me an hour over an analog 56k modem to download a 10 MB patch.

Oh, and fun fact, it was the cancellation of the Mac port of that game that “tore it” as they say and made me get my first Windows PC at the tender age of 38. :D I was getting a little sick of “too little, too late” in the way of game ports to the Mac platform.


The “there are tough decisions and people will suffer and die” vibe of the Frostpunk marketing put me off it, so I never tried. I just want to have a merry little band of survivors, you know?

Anyway I’m enjoying Surviving the Aftermath. The pace seems a bit slow, but maybe I should just increase the clock speed. I should probably find the thread for it…

Once you build the gateway things start to pile up because you need to manage your colony as well as the world map explorers. It can get out of control very quickly. You need to have a few failed colonies before you get the hang of it.

I’ve never heard of Ping Redux, but apparently it’s free on Xbox now.

Epic Games Store has GigaBash free, a well-reviewed Kaiju Arena Fighting Game.

Arkane’s DEATHLOOP can be claimed on Epic Games Store if you have Amazon Prime.

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