Giveaway thread!

I tried it but it was already taken. Thanks anyway!

That’s a nice freebie, not played it yet

Destiny 2 + three expansions free on Epic. I guess I’ll finally give it a try.

This week is giving away Lost Ruins. Which is another game that I haven’t heard of … yet!

I have a few random steam keys

Crazy machines 3
Tribes of midgard

I would take that one off your hands.

EDIT: Thanks!

If this is still available, could I have it please? My nephew uses Steam family sharing thingy to play the copy in my account, but the problem is I’m always using my account ;)

It’s surprising how many of those other games I have ticked as “Ignore” on Steam!

For those who haven’t played it, Fort Triumph is pretty decent, I think. Can’t remember if someone gave it to me or if I bought the bundle.

A HOMM-like? Sure, happy to give it a try.

It’s an HOMM + XCOM-like with things in the environment that you can push/pull into/onto enemies.

Anyone want a steam key that may or may not work for the 1st Railway Empire game? :)

Given to @matttutor

May I grab that off your hands please?

Edit: Thank you :)

I would , but I can’t send you messages. It seems your profile is hidden mode or something like that?

Steam giveaway.

If anyone is interested, I have a copy each of:
The Red Lantern
Paradise Marsh
Signs of the Sojourner

Edit: All adopted. Happy gaming in the new year~

Spare steam copy of Beautiful Desolation.

PM me!

I would play that if no one else is interested.

Have quite a bit in my backlog still so speak up if anyone wants it :)

Might be a good idea to redeem it fast due to it expiring.

I’ll send you the code, enjoy :)

Beat da lurkers
Curse of the dead gods Dead Cells dlc - WEH2R-LLNB6-YRVXJ
The Quarry - ZIA3L-YN82D-PKADB

A Plague Tale: Innocence is free on the Epic Store today (January 4). I already had it so it must have been given away prior to this. But definitely worth picking up and giving it a try if you don’t have it.