Giving "No Child Left Behind" A Whole New Meaning

“With the draft, there were limited opportunities for avoiding the military, and parents were trapped, reduced to draft counseling or taking their children to Canada,” he said. “But with the volunteer armed force, what one gets is more vigorous recruitment and more opportunities to resist.”

Some of that opportunity was provoked by the very law that was supposed to make it easier for recruiters to reach students more directly. No Child Left Behind, which was passed by Congress in 2001, requires schools to turn over students’ home phone numbers and addresses unless parents opt out. That is often the spark that ignites parental resistance.

Hey, now I get it!

“I had one father say if he saw me on his doorstep I better have some protection on me,” said a recruiter in Ohio. “We see a lot of hostility.”

That doesn’t sound like hostility to me!


“Parents,” said one recruiter in Ohio who insisted on anonymity because the Army ordered all recruiters not to talk to reporters, “are the biggest hurdle we face.”

Gee, I wonder why.

Most parents don’t want their kids to die for Dubya? Who knew?

Wanting to seek a commission in the US Military: the liberal household equivalent of the conservative evangelical gay son! :lol:

Depends on the war/crazed President in power.