Giving up on my Night Elf Rogue

Okay, let me see if I have this straight.

Darnassus has no auction house, nor any easy access to same.
The only trainers for Night Elves are in Darnassus itself (far as I can find going as far as Ashenvale)
And now when I hit level 20, looking forwad to a little poison action, I find out that the only place to get poison training is in Stormwind.

Am I crazy, or are night elves (esp. rogues) the red headed step children of WOW?

I also play a human, a dwarf and a gnome and they all shuttle freely between TWO major cities (for free, natch, on the train) and have auction houses and trainers galore. Am I doing something wrong?

Wah, only 2/3 of our cities have free transport.

Make a Horde character and come back to this post.

Sadly enough, I also have horde characters. I’ve got a lot of characters, but please restrict your responses to my irratating whining about night elves…

Where exactly is the problem?

Bind in Menethil and you can reach THE WHOLE WORLD within minutes.

This is the only mmorpg to NOT have travel problems and even here peoples complain, incredible.

stupid question.

Don’ trainers train based on class rather than race?

I find it hard to believe that Irongforge doesn’t have a rogue trainer.

What level are you? Why are you still in Night Elf land? It sucks there. Come to civilization.

Isn’t part of the whole Elf mythos that you wander away from your homeland to see stuff? Do that.

Allegedly, Blizzard is going to put AH access in all the major cities at some point. In the meantime, somehow the world will struggle on with only 1499 NE rogues, I’d wager. :)

Gee, guys. Ever learn any manners? Guy asks a straightforward question – punctuated by “Am I crazy?” and “Am I wrong?” – and you feel obligated to be jerks in response. Keep it up.

The newbie zone, darn, darkshore, and ashenvale are all flat-out awful compared to the quests, ease of movement, and support structure on the other side of the planet. I’d just get a friend to escort you to IF if I was you.

Hell, you don’t even really need an escort to civilization. The run from Menethil to Ironforge is doable solo at 1st level, if you’re careful. If you’re a real coward, you can do the 30 minute swim south down the coast from Menethil to Westfall, which I’ve done for shits and giggles. Turns out there’s a place out there called Newman’s Landing.

Just be careful, there’s a spot along the shore that has square pits that a character can’t get out of once they fall in, and it sucks to use the unstick feature and have to make the swim all over again. :)

Are you kidding me?

/who warlock 20-60 ironforge

/t <random person> hey could you help me out with a summon?

Walk? Walk? Walking is for peasants.

And, speaking of this issue, all you Horde folk who don’t have the Badlands flight path yet, utilize this method to get it asap. Kargath is the hub that connects the north and south Horde flight paths on the eastern continent, and the only way to get there is to walk (no!) from frigging Arathi all the way through goddamned Wetlands and for-christ’s-sake Loch Modan. Oh, and then you gotta fight/evade your way past roaming gangs of level 40 bastards to get to the wind master, even if you know exactly where he is.

Usually I’m pretty patient, but when I found out I was gonna have to make that kind of horrific trek just to get there, I spammed all the warlocks in Badlands with a cash offer for them to get a group together to summon me there. Best 3g I ever spent.

Just say no to timesinks.

Gee, guys. Ever learn any manners? Guy asks a straightforward question – punctuated by “Am I crazy?” and “Am I wrong?” – and you feel obligated to be jerks in response. Keep it up.[/quote]

Dude, I was referring to my question…

Do not use this method: head towards the Badlands from the south, through Darkshire and into the Burning Steppes. Wander around the Burning Steppes until you see that there’s no exit into the Badlands. Hearthstone back to Ogrimmar and take the blimp to Undercity, fly to Arathi, then run south to Badlands like you’re supposed to.

At least I have the flight path in Burning Steppes now. And an appreciation for what level I need to be before I ever consider taking it.

I thought it would help to answer this one directly.

Usually you only find trainers of any sort in major cities. Every once in a while there will be an odd trainer out, like the Rogue Trainer in Booty Bay. But for the most part you’re going to be flying to a capital to train. It’s not that the only NE rogue trainer is in Darnassus; as someone points out, trainers don’t care what race you are. It’s just that piddling little places like Auberdine and Ashenvale aren’t going to have trainers for most classes.

I also play a human, a dwarf and a gnome and they all shuttle freely between TWO major cities (for free, natch, on the train) and have auction houses and trainers galore. Am I doing something wrong?

There’s only one auction house between them, in Ironforge, which is the source of perpetual lag complaints. (There are only three auction houses in the entire world right now - Ironforge, Orgrimarr, and Gadgetzan - and the last one is almost uselessly empty.)

And just a random tip, but I ditched the train at about level 20 or so. It’s so much nicer to just grab a 50-cent gryphon and get up from the keyboard for the ensuing six or eight minutes of uninterruptible travel.

Regarding Kargath, I don’t see any convenient way for Horde to make the trip. At least now I know why passing Horde in Duskwood and Redridge like to gank so much; they’re taking out their frustrations at wasting the long walk. :)

Which reminds me, if anyone hasn’t seen these yet, they’re very much worth checking out. A beautiful flight-point map coupled with recommended level ranges for new areas and for all instance dungeons.


As far as Hearthstoning goes, I’ve had my hearthstone set to Ogrimmar since probably level 20, and haven’t changed it since (46 now). Then again, it’s pretty easy to get to the zeppelins and the flight master from the Og inn. Then again, you have to listen to that troll laugh every time you come back.

Thanks for the info guys…I know all about Menethil Harbor from my other alliance characters…what’s the best way to get there from Ashenville? I hadn’t heard of this summon concept, how does it work?

edit: I need to get to Menethil, of course, w/o ever having been there first to set up a flight path…

You can catch a ship to Menethil from Auberdine.

chumpface is totally right. I’ve got two Night Elves, my main and my alt. With the main, I leveled up to 10 in the main NE area and then made the run to Ironforge to join all my friends. I had no problems; there was a perfect progression of quests, new areas, new cities, etc., and it was never difficult to train or resupply or repair.

With my alt, I actually stayed in the NE area, because the person I’m playing with is also playing a NE. The NE area works pretty well up to level 13-15 or so, and then goes completely off a cliff. There aren’t that many quests. The zones suddenly ramp up in difficulty so it’s hard to hunt. There are no class trainers without taking a LONG trip out of your way back to Darnassus, nor are there very many tradeskill trainers or suppliers. You suddenly realize you can’t train in very many weapon types.

It’s really bizarre. The actual NE island is really pretty good–it’s the typical WoW progression for levels 1-10, full of quests and towns and trainers and supplies, with sets of quests that are well-paced to take you from the newbie garden out to progressively harder areas. And eventually they say “Go across the straits to Auberdine,” and I assumed this was going to be like when the Stormwind folks tell you to go to Redridge or Sentinel Hill–that there would be a whole new set of quests, towns, etc., and I’d be able to get back for training pretty easily. Not so at all. Very strange, and not very fun.

You only have one AH, don’t you?

You just need to make the city with the AH your home city. You should be leaving Ashenvale behind soon. Typically, I start in Orgrimmar and take 5-10 minutes to get to where I will be questing, and when I’m done for the session I stone back to Orgimmar and check the AH before logging. You should do the same with Stormwind.

It’s the same deal with Taurens and Thunderbluff that you have with the NEs. The only transport to Orgrimmar is the bird. UC, Org and Grom’Gol are connected by the zep, but Thunderbluff requires the bird ride.

It’s actually Ironforge, but Mark’s totally right. My main character has been bound at Ironforge from level 10 until now (33). It’s got everything–I can train, buy supplies, sell, repair, bank, and use the AH. There are birds from IF to most points north (until you get into heavy Horde territory), and it’s 50 cents to get south to Stormwind, which has access to most points south.

I just make a level 1 Dwarf, quickly run him to Ironforge, and use him as my “Auction House Agent”.

Blizz has said that they are adding AHs (linked to one another) at all the major cities though… thank goodness.