Gizmondo, Hands on

Anyone else get one at the event tonight?

My first impressions: … well, it’s lightweight…

Trying to stay positive here, people! :x

Hm…let’s see what else they can screw up…I know, they can get rid of the only version that doesn’t have ads!

I think I’ll have one soon.

… and it will be worth more than Chets.

I’m looking to pick one up at Virtual Boy prices in about 12 - 18 months, just for the “graveyard of bad ideas” value.

It’s ugly, has a smaller screen than the PSP, no touchscreen or amazing 1st party support like the DS, and its distinguishing feature is a GPS. BFD.

I saw this thing a year and a half ago and thought “WTF are they thinking?” Bad physical design, no real market for it…

The sad thing, too, was that the hardware was there to make it a PDA and GPS as well. Pitching all that functionality might be enough to help it (or not – didn’t help the Tapwave Zodiac), but putting it out there purely as a game machine in a market that has the PSP and DS is just nuts.

I see they’re at least coming to their senses on the GPS aspect. But it’s too little, too late.

Ah to bad they scrapped the no ads version.

Was planning not to buy that version and thus saving a whopping $399.

Now I can only not go for the ad supported version, only saving me $229.

Feels like I lost 170 bucks somewhere :(

It would be interesting to be in the meeting were this thing was approved to production. It would be a good example to business students of how idiotic ideas get out the door before someone with any sense can kill it.

Ya. I think I’ll pass.

:lol: :lol:

Let me repeat that price: $399. That’s the same price as the high-end Xbox 360. That’s madness, people.

Thats a great quote.

lol nice vote turnout.

Chris Morris is so refreshing to read… Very odd to see someone in the maintream media who really understands technology, the market, and the end-users of that technology.

Hopefully they’ll offer him Mossberg’s job when he retires.

Well, from a tinfoil hat perspective, I’ll be damned if I can get any GPS reception with mine, so the idea that Gizmondo might be tracking its users is somewhat less likely…

Still trying to be positive here people! :shock:



This blows my mind:

Of course, you have to turn on the Gizmondo to play games or take advantage of any of its offerings. This is not a quick task. In fact, it takes 48 seconds. (Compare that to less than five seconds on the Nintendo DS.)

Done playing? It’s no easier to turn off. You must press the power button twice, scroll down the options to “power off,” then confirm your choice. With competing devices, simply press a button and go about your business.

48 seconds to turn it on? 4+ clicks/presses to turn it off? And I thought Windows was bad…

It is foolish, this move. When this thing inevitably tanks and support is pulled after a year or two, I wonder if it’ll even still work without the ad service.

Heh. A game system that needs permission to entertain you.

I love Chris Morris. One of my only regrets at E3 last year was taking too long to recognize him so I could go up and shake his hand.