Gizmondo sinking, Commodore resurfacing

News from the wild and wacky world of gaming hardware!

Handheld maker Gizmondo posted its results for 2004 and the first half of 2005, showing a loss of $99 million in the former period and a whopping $210 million in the latter. To put this into perspective, parent company Tiger Telematics, which also owns a model agency and a race horse [sic], has a total market capitalization of $678 million.

The rest of the document shows some of the reasons for this loss; a contract with Electronic Arts in which Gizmondo Europe paid Electronic Arts $5.9 million for the development of FIFA Soccer and SSX 3 for the handheld, a total of seven offices housing 131 employees and contract agents, including development and production offices in Florida, Texas, California, and the UK; and continued expenses, apparently without profit-making sales for the Gizmondo console, which launched in Europe earlier this year. [not anywhere near me – C.N.]

Having settled lawsuits with their landlords and the Jordan F1 racing team [sic], Gizmondo is now embroiled in two more with Handheld Games and PR company Ogilvy. Meanwhile, the company generously provides a $1.5 million base salary to each of its four top execs, plus a total of $600K “automobile allowances”, and hands out another $500K to friends & family for “consultancy services” and public relations…

Meanwhile, Yeahronimo Media Ventures plans to re-launch Commodore as a label for games and consoles:

The new company will produce standalone TV devices similar to the wildly successful Atari and Pac-Man self-contained units, as well as software packages akin to Intellivision Lives or Atari Anthology. Furthermore, the Commodore Games label will produce original game licenses as a more traditional games publisher.

Opps thats not right.

“Initially, the focus will be on exploiting the numerous existing C64 retro game licenses through plug-and-play, mobile and handheld devices. The second phase will be to create a range of specialised gaming hardware products and accessories.”

That’s worth keeping an eye on. Otherwise, don’t much care; Commodore belongs to the past (long may it reign there!), and a name is just a name.

So, if you want a Gizmondo, you’d better buy one fast.

I’ll just rush out and get it right ths secon… oh wait.

For 1 million dollars, I’d have told them not to fucking bother and to save the cash. Hell I think I did tell them that at e3 the first year they were there, for free.

600k a year for DRIVING? driving what? batmobiles?

Hey, those Shriners and their cars don’t come cheap.

Where did they release that Gizmondo anyway? Have any of our British posters seen one? Does it actually exist?

This must be something other than what it seems, a kind of videogame industry equivalent of Springtime For Hitler.

I’ve played with one - not impressed.
I sent it of to a reviewer who came back with the same verdict only with more words and a bill attached.
It’s tha classic story of jack of all trades, master of none. Over here it shipped with no interesting games and a non-working GPS (firmware fix promised, but still…)

it’s the handheld phantom, except it actually launched.

Or, as understandably-irritated gadget site Gizmodo reported when the device was named, it’s the console designed to help pedophiles track down your children.

BTW, if you’re an old Commodore fan, you might find this interesting:

I haven’t read the whole book yet, but I did tech edit two chapters for the guy… It’s excruciatingly detailed, and will be of great interest to retro computer fans and us aging Vic/C64/Amiga fanboys. Those looking for Jobs-ian intrigue probably will find the 500 pages overkill.

They were giving them away at E3 as part of the Nvidia raffle, so I wandered over to their booth and played with one. It kind of sucked, and the guy who explained it to me stood too close. So close, in fact, that I knew he was a smoker and had at least been really drunk the night before if he wasn’t drunk then.

Way to inspire confidence in a product.

At CeBit scantily clad women were presenting it… none stood that close to me unfortunately.