Gladiator 2 - What We Do on the Big Screen Echoes in Eternity

Too bad they won’t be using Nick Cave’s script.

How do you have a sequel to a movie that ends with the hero saving the world but then dying?

Do you want me to spoil Moonfall for you?

Dooo eeet.

I don’t know that I’d use Moonfall as an example for anything that involves a sequel actually getting made!

You just put it in an opening crawl.


The dead speak! The EMPIRE has heard a mysterious message, a threat of REVENGE in the sinister voice of the late GENERAL MAXIMUS.

I’m pretty sure that Nick Cave script is actually a stolen Ubisoft outline for an unreleased game.

All I’m saying there is no reason an alien super AI can’t reconstitute Maximus in a virtual environment and make him fight other dead warriors for the rest of eternity.

The Gladiator/Virtuosity crossover we never knew we needed!

So will the entire original cast be back ? This one will take place in Elysium like they mentioned in the first movie I assume.

Have you seen Russell Crowe lately? The last 20 years have not been kind. Sure, digital de-aging tech has advanced, but I fear this would be too much to ask.

Movie’s Gladiator, not Maximus, have some other dude be the hero, a never ending line of sport stars rising, becoming big deals, saving the Roman Empire and it never sticking.

Very last movie, the hero is a Football player (US kind), that was previously in the Marines and I dunno, runs for President at the very end.

Just call it Spartacus 2.

Intrigued but also confused…as the Gladiator ending was somewhat final…

The Gladiator comes not to destroy Rome, but to save it!

Ridley Scott is 85 years old. Retire already! You’ve earned it.

Look, once this was made, anything is possible.

Well, Paul Mescal is now an Oscar-nominated actor.

And we add Denzel