Gladius learns all the right lessons from all the wrong Civilizations

It’s clear early on what game the Gladius developers have been playing.

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Great review, and now I’m actually interested in playing a sci fi strategy game, which I never want to play…

No mo’ star reviews?

Or is it full of stars?

All the stars! For the Emperor!

Stars for the star god!

I made Tom fix it!

Good review! Now I want to play! Shame the stars are back. But I can avert my eyes from the score :)

My God, it’s full of stars!

I may get this one…

This sounds a lot more interesting than I’d thought. Tom’s review got me looking at other gameplay videos and it seems worth $40. In fact, reading the text of his review made me wonder if this isn’t the Dawn of War I’d been waiting for.

Wait, you aren’t playing this? I would have thought you’d be all over it! It definitely strikes me as a Scott Lufkin game. Imagine Age of Wonders 3, but with the tactical combat on the main map.


This game slipped under my radar but I just picked it up. I’m quite enjoying it so far as the Imperial Guard.

I have no idea honestly. It was on my radar, people seemed to be happy with it but unable to talk about it due to NDA when I first discovered it, and it was on my wishlist. And then… other stuff happened, I guess? Games came out I had my eye on, summer vacation and camping crept into my gaming time… that sort of thing? I mean, the screenshots even look great, which I’m always a sucker for. I have no idea why I didn’t have this on pre-order.

But I did just buy it, and I put half an hour in and I have to say… holy crap. This is so good. And I barely scratched the surface, I’m just exploring the map and finding insane stuff and getting my production up and running. I can’t wait to dive back in!

Oh, but first I want to actually read the manual a little. It seems well written so far from what I’ve seen. I mean they even take the time to explain that the “Continue” button is not available when you first launch the game, “or any time that no saves exist”. I enjoy that level of thinking-ahead on the part of my manual writers.

An excellent review for an excellent game.

This is probably a dumb question, but what the heck is the “settler” unit for the Imperial Guard? I’m trying to figure out how to build my second city, but none of the units I have access to seem to have the ability to found cities.

I think it is the tech engineers, or some name that sounds like that. Very important in any case because they repair vehicles.

I went out and bought a new laptop so I could play this game. Outside these hallowed halls, this would be Abby Normal, but here’s it’s ok, right?

Dang it @tomchick! I am done with Civilization games, no desire to play one again, and I’ve got no particular love for Warhammer.

But you are making me want to play this. It sounds like a deep tactical game, and I can really get in to that. The attack power being related to the number of figures in a unit, the weapon differentials being meaningful, the map being meaningful in tactical deployment? You are speaking my language.

If anyone has free time to burn and is interested in an example of the game-play here is a link to my most recent live-stream game of Gladius. Small map with all 4 factions (me being Space Marines), fast build speed, no quests, and hard difficulty. I finished the game in one sitting ( cut into eight one hour episodes for YouTube).

Yeah I wouldn’t let the Civ part put you off, it’s not really that kind of game. I like how Tom mentions RTS games because there’s similarities there, despite it being turn based. It’s very much build bases (cities) and smash armies. No building wonders or shoddy diplomacy from what I’ve seen, just lots of Ork murder. And man, that Imperial Guard artillery sure is fun.

Basilisks are fine and all but true Guardsmen rock Leman Russ Battle Tanks. That is all.