Glass - M. Night Shyamalan and the best superhero universe


Don’t get the hate for Split. I thought McAvoy and Taylor-Joy were so much fun to watch. Different strokes I suppose.




Here it is!


God dammit, he got me. I’m in.


Shit, gotta see that. What’s the other movie I need to see beforehand?


Just Unbreakable and Split


Split, that was it, thank you.


Meh, I prefer Hugo Glass (The Revenant).

I kid. Count me as one of those that hasn’t been all that impressed with Shyamalan. But this is intriguing.


I am looking forward to this.


Yeah looks great!



Good heavens, man. I cannot wait to see that.


Yeah, I am totally sold. Now to see Split somehow.


Yeah I haven’t seen SPLIT either yet, I must remedy that!


Uh oh… There was an Hudson Hawk near-tragedy nexttopic guys.
please be careful…


Heed @Left_Empty’s words.

Split was shiiit. I was horrified when it (unexpectedly) climbed aboard Unbreakable’s world.



The hospital where some of this was filmed near me, is going to be demolished soon. Sad.


Wait, you are M. Night Shyamalan?!

I can’t check your link, because the site doesn’t want to disclose what it uses its cookies for nor let its readers opt out, which means it is blocking Europe :(


I changed the word by to near. ;)


Awwww, now I’m disappointed Lordkosc is not Mr. M. Night.