Global Payments (third party debit/credit card processor) hacked

So the big question is, what banks use Global Payments?

Everyone apparently.

Global is fucking huge, and this is (if my memory of the stats is correct) a much bigger breach than the Heartland Payments fuckup from ten, derr, a few (derped my dates) years ago or so. I worked for one of Global’s competitors for a couple of years and the sort of ineptitude, corporate complacency, and refusal to innovate I saw there n a daily basis left me astonished that they hadn’t gotten massively hacked yet. Sad to see that Global was apparently no safer.

As a personal aside: I loathe this industry more than I hate cable companies/monopolies, EA, Activision, and the DMV combined. If it weren’t for the fact that countless people and businesses could be jeopardized by this sort of thing, I’d be glad to know it had happened to a processor.

That may explain some issues with my MC card. I had to contest charges and get a new card in February.

My 70-something parents had to get new cards recently since someone had tried to use a copy of their cards in Mexico for hotel reservations. Apparently I had them a bit too paranoid about avoiding scams online and on the phone and they were ignoring the calls from the CC company saying there was suspicious activity. After both mom and dad mentioned getting those calls and hanging up, I had them call and check thinking these calls were probably legit, and they were.

These people avoid online banking for the most part and only buy online at Amazon so it was surprising that this happened. My first thought was that someone had used a card skimmer at a gas pump or something as the scammers had a real card and not just the #, but I imagine if they have the numbers they can program a bogus card. Wonder if this could have been due to this hack? We will never know of course.

Interesting, I had a couple small fraudulent charges last week on mine…sounds like this could be the culprit.

Just found some dodgy transactions on my MC Debitcard. Grr.