Globalism and Technology

Forbes: Globalism and Technology

The idea that no matter how fast American technologies leak abroad, an abundance of new production methods and new industries will keep bubbling up to take their place. This assumption is wrong because America has no particular “cultural” advantage in innovation. Its record hitherto of enormous creativity has been driven by money, not a special culture of freedom.

A good article (and well worth digging into the longer linked stuff). I guess all world powers at some point face a tipping point for when they are riding the wave of new technology, and using that amongst other things to stay top dog, then finding they are slipping behind, and ultimately are not top dog anymore. Great Britain is now more great britain (and probably we are all better off because of that?) etc.

As it was just a Forbes article i feel it is lacking one important global aspect, it could/should have been called ‘Globalism, Technology and the Environment’ - for a much wider scope on the whole topic, but well Forbes has it’s own readership and agenda to maintain.