Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!

I really like the idea of the game, but bouncing off some of the later missions, where Im just replaying the same missions over and over till i get a good draw. Thats fun? Well not for me. I like a challange, replaying once or twice but 4 or 5 to get the right draws from random damage cards feels like a soul sucker.

Ive upgraded my perks to get rid of all the damage reduction cards I can, but some you cant remove, and still happens more than enough to be silly. Have every equip slot filled, and several special pieces of equipment, level 6 with both my toons and still feel like a noob getting pummeled over the head.

The missions scale to your level, unlike the physical copy you cant scale down the level to just complete the silly thing while taking less xp and gold.

I made a point of choosing personal goals that are hard and controllable like killing demons or some such, so i can actually level up my toons before they “retire”

I’m either much worse at the boardgame than I remember, played on easy with the physical version or I was playing it wrong. Shit’s hard. :) I still love it though. I imagine I may get tired of having to replay missions, but I just love the design and card play so much it will take a while for me to burn out.

I thought I read you could drop the difficulty down somewhere in between missions if you were having difficulty, but I could easily be misremembering. I have not tried. I guess I prefer banging my head against a wall.

You’re not. In the campaign hit esc. and then options. The difficulty will be found there. It took me probably 7 tries to complete the first adventure - 4 with the party I tried first, and 3 with my current one (Cragheart/Tinker).

Cool. Thanks.

Pretty sure I’m going to hoy 20 Elite monster kills and retire my Brute before I complete 5 missions. :)

The inability to take back misclicks and errors you could at a table definitely makes the game harder.
“Oh I meant to use the top of this card, not the bottom,” or “I wanted to move over here for this thing,” are things you’d do all the time playing at the table. Here the software is like “letting you take back a move is anathema even though literally nothing in the board state was affected by it, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

As well as nerfed Stamina potions.

You can restart the round you just made a mistake on…not an undo option but allows you to get out of a massive hole you have dug yourself by making a mistake…

How and where? @Scotch_Lufkin needs this to save his sanity (he misplays more than me). ;)

I had the same thought reading that might be an option! :)

Hit Escape…“Restart Round”

And yes, my Brute retired having completed a total of 2 quests with an 8.33% completion rate. My new Cragheart is now 50% after two attempts. I already like him more, naturally. My scoundrel is sailing along and will only retire after contributing 120 Gold. That one I can control. :)


Not “The Last Starfighter”?

2001 works better for world shattering revelations.

“My God, it’s full of stars.”

Played this months ago and had very few problems, despite having only a small amount of experience with the board game.

Now, I am stuck before I start. I created two characters fine and want to create a third. (Much prefer three member parties)

Nothing in the interface seems to allow that. Not clicking the empty box to the left, not the + , not the New Mercenary button. The directions are telling me how to return to the world map, but that’s not going to do it. wtf?

probably have to turn the tutorial off

You can after you complete the first few missions (the tutorial i assume)

OK Im still failing too many times on easy on a few missions. Clearly too much of a newb for this game lol. On the plus side Ive got my Brute to level 7 now. I still think my squad may opt for early retirement, and let the more nimble minded lead the way…

But I am not in the tutorial. I did those three missions to refresh my memory on how the interface works, and now I am trying to start the campaign.

The campaign has a sort-of tutorial. You have to follow its directions until it walks you through all the city functions and stuff. It will cut you loose before you go into the first scenario, and then you can create the rest of your party.

Click the ‘New Mercenary’ button and create your class. Then in the left sidebar you can click the head icon and you should be able to add that newly created mercenary.

Not being familiar with the boardgame and hearing things have changed in the digital version as well, what is the purpose of retiring characters in the campaign? The only thing I recall hearing previously is that you kept your enhanced abilities through retirement but I believed that is what differs in the digital version?