Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!

I didn’t. I said that (as the original designer sees it) the initial rules weren’t right for the game (instead they were enforced by limitations of the format), and that the original designer made (or at the very least endorsed) the decision to change them.

Also I would argue that it’s a very minor side rule rather than a core rule, but ymmv.

Oh yeah, possibly not. Apologies for getting your hopes up. :)

No worries - I posted about it on Steam, hopefully it’s just a bug that can be addressed.

I got a reply on the Steam forums, it’s disabled for Multiplayer currently since it was causing synch issues. Hopefully they can find and implement a fix at some point.




The Cragheart is bunches moar funn than the Brute. Dropping boulders everywhere. Creating roadblocks. Smashing people into those boulders…

Yeah, and direct damage is so valuable against shielded enemies.
Be aware the interface for pushing enemies with Brutal Momentum is a bit unintuitive. Still the best Cragheart card though.

Yep. Piercing damage is hard to come by. I think my Cragheart and Scoundrel both picked up a couple of Piercing modifier cars through acquisition of perks. Especially for some of these bastards with 3/4 shields.

I never take those perks because it seems like it’s basically ~never going to happen. I guess there are those scenarios where nearly all the enemies have shield, but otherwise, what are the odds of it coming up when you need it, vs just coming up on a regular enemy and being useless?

I thought that when I was starting out with most of those towards the bottom of the perk list. I think in each case I had run through the ones that weeded out the negative and zero modifiers and kept running up against shielded enemies and took them.

That said, based on how math works, I imagine they don’t pay off as often as I would like, but when they do it’s orgasmic. ;)

Certainly hard to argue with that!

But yeah, I could see putting them in after removing the negatives.

With some exceptions, the advice in Gloomhaven is like most deck-builders - remove the bad and streamline, the focus on adding back in the + damage modifiers (+1, +2, +3)

Sometimes you might want to take a perk that remove negative effects from items or ignores negative scenario effects.

After that you can look for what you’d like - but i have a preference for stuns or element generation.

It’s worth noting that rolling modifiers (like most +pierce, +stun, add target) are free most of the time, in that you keep drawing until you get a normal card and apply the lot. But they turn into a bad thing when you have advantage: you will only get the first normal card you draw. Conversely, they’re nice to draw when you have disadvantage as you won’t choose the worse of two normal cards.

In practice, this means that builds that make heavy use of advantage (or get advantage a lot from teammates) should prefer to avoid the perks that add rolling modifiers.

It’d been a while since I played the physical version. Thanks for this.

We houseruled to the version of advantage that’s coming in Frosthaven. I understand why they didn’t put it in Gloomhaven–it’s cumbersome, and the game is confusing enough, already–but I really didn’t like the dissonance between rolling mods and advantage.

I guess that’s probably not an option in digital, though.

Advantage/disadvantage was easily the most house-ruled thing in Gloomhaven. The initial implementation was terrible and I’m also a bit surprised they didn’t just go with the Frosthaven rules or really anything less bad for the digital version.

I have had this for what seems like forever but just jumped in when it hit 1.0. I didn’t have the trouble with the first scenario that a lot of you had, but I also got through ~60 scenarios with my group pre-COVID, so not really apples to apples. My biggest surprise is that it takes almost as long to play a scenario on the digital version as it did for the three of us to play one in the physical game. Not having to setup/break down is nice, though.

Maybe I’m getting better but the game seems a lot easier after the first dungeon. Part 2 was almost a cakewalk after I realized I had to kill the boss ASAP to keep him from opening doors and/or summoning new baddies

I’m hoping they tried to mimic the original and then can add in a house rule or two that you can opt in and out of eventually.

I honestly had paid little attention to the development because I wasn’t going to get it until I finished my cardboard version of it AND Jaws of the Lion…and then the digital version was actually released… :)

I am really interested in this, and I’m not sure why. Just looks deep. I’ve never played the board game, but I’m thinking of picking up the Steam version. How would I determine if this is for me? Is there a summary or a wiki I should look at?

I’m in a similar boat, though I actually own both Gloomhaven and Jaws of the Lion. Any time I crack the rulebook some small part of me dies and I wake up hours later having blacked out. I’d still love to find some way to dance with this big, beautiful thing.

Started playing the computer game for the first time with a Cragheart and a Tinkerer, normal difficulty. 6 missions in, no mission failures yet (one victory on the very last action before the second char exhausted), but not a lot of XP – still level 2. Both are moderately on their way to retirement, however.