Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


Ah, right, that makes perfect sense! I’ve got the monster AI decks and info squares sorted alphabetically as well, so that’s the perfect way to store and sort the standees. I guess I was half expecting the a single standee might represent different creatures, but that makes no sense. Of course, Gloomhaven has a specific standee for each creature.

Heh, I can see the edge of one of the standees peeking out above the tuck boxes. I know exactly which big fucker that is, messing it up for everyone else by being so big.



I ended up having to move that one after the picture. Messed with the ability of the trays on top to lie flat. The “how to use this insert” video Broken Token did showed it being put in the tray with the map tiles and I may just have to do that when we next play but for the time being it’s just on top of the tuckboxes.

The tuckboxes are the biggest reason I went with Broken Token on the insert. I suppose I could have put something like that together myself but they’re so attractive and easy. Everyone else just has the monsters in trays.


To piggyback off of @malkav11’s posts of his Broken Token organizer, here is mine, set up for Scenario 1. I’m lucky in that my wife is letting me leave it set up on our dining room table for now.

I’ve played Scenario 1 twice, but want to get more used to the rules (particularly monster movement) before actually delving into the campaign.


I’ve had a terribly busy and eventful weekend. In the time it would take me to unbox and set up the first scenario of Gloomhaven, I can play and lose 2 or 3 games on Into The breach :(

That said…I’m wanting Gloomhaven more now.


I’m jealous of the organizers! We are coming to the realization that we need to set aside one night to get all the pieces together for a scenario (and also do city event / road event / etc), and then devote the next night to the game itself. We just did our fourth scenario, and even though we ended it fairly quickly (I had six or seven cards left, total, when the spellweaver made it to the final room and lay down her attack 3 / range 3 / target 3, together with the +2 to the next four attacks, which put everyone to bed for the night), it still took us a bit over two hours for a two person scenario. Maybe we just overthink all our turns? Perhaps a symptom of overcommunicating, but we don’t name numbers or card names, which I’ve read is what’s against the rules.)


Still waiting for my Daedalus organizer. So I plano boxed all of the enemies (2 boxes gets all except the large ones, which I put in a ziploc) and one of my other players alphabetized the rooms and put them in a trapper keeper.

Did I mention players?!?!?! We finally got the band together and did the first town, road and scenario! We won, and opened up #2 and got a special event too. We will do that next time. 4 players is a lot of mobs and a lot of actions. 3 would probably go quicker but I’m happy we got a full team so no complaining there!


So I am playing this in a couple of weeks with a few guys and don’t know the first thing about it. One question : is the mindthief as good as it sounds?


Mindthief is awesome but squishy and a bit complicated.


Mindthief is kind of a “technical” character, but they have lots of cool abilities. Don’t be scared by it!

Also, the mindthief’s abilities just throw experience at you, so you might level up faster than your friends.


We’ve found this also to be true with the spellweaver. She’s going on twice the experience of my cragheart (but I’ve been more successful with the battle goals, so there’s that). We’re only four scenarios in, though, so take it with a grain of salt.


We have a cragheart, a rogue (whatever it’s called), and a tinkerer, and we’ve all been gaining experience at about the same rate.

Playing again tomorrow, hopefully with a fourth!


My Tinker levels up the slowest, it seems. Literally every card in his deck that gives experience is a one-shot. The only reason I’m keeping pace with the others is that I’ve played in every game (my copy), and everyone else has missed a few here and there.


How much of a problem is the experience differential? My cragheart will get to level 2 before the scenario difficulty goes up to 2, but I don’t know what level I’ll be when we get to scenario difficulty 3.


Not much, since it’s an average of everyone. There was one scenario where we had a new-ish guy who started at level 2, and the rest of us were 4 or 5 or something, and he quickly realized he almost couldn’t damage the mobs- they had big shields. So he played a more utility role, but that was fine.


Level just means a new card and another perk. A level 4 character has a few more options and a mildly better modifier deck than a level 2 character but they’re generally not dramatically more powerful. (Now, some of the high level cards get very powerful indeed, but by that point you probably have enough prosperity to close that gap a fair bit.)


Level also means more hitpoints.

My spellweaver is now level 7. Gaining the last few levels have not been very interesting. It’s hard to find room for new cards given that the spellweaver can only use 8 and I have already picked all the useful perks. Hopefully I can finish the personal quest (“The fall of man”) soon. What an annoying quest!


I had that quest on my first character. Fun times.

We did 26 and 72 today. Both a bit harder than the norm.


Scenario 72 was our first loss!

Fun scenario with a different rhythm than usual. Some tough objectives and a monster combination that didn’t mesh well with our party setup. We made a big strategic error in the first turn, and some tactical errors underway, that contributed more to our loss than some medium levels of bad luck with the monster action cards and Null draws.

All in all this is the good kind of loss, we have to plan our synergies a bit better and make some adjustments to our decks.

Let me know if you plan on taking Eclipse on this mission and want some tips.

Some mission context:

This is a scenario unlocked by the Town Record booklet, so it felt fair that it was a bit difficult.


Well, I found one potential explanation for this: I was going through my discard pile to figure out what to lose while resting, and I realized that I had put three cards in the discard pile that should have been in the loss pile! All three had happened recently (two for damage, one for a completed persistent effect), and I caught it before resolving my rest, so there was no actual consequence. But I can’t rule out that I’ve made that mistake before and missed it…

(Also, we realized you’re supposed to look up the treasure result in the back of the book when you pick it up, not at the end of the scenario, when we saw what one was…)


We just got to retire our first character - my level 4 Brute. It was a bit bittersweet since I’ve been spending this time getting him equipment, choosing perks and unlocking cards. My wife is actually coming around on the game, so that is good. She’s been playing a tinkerer. I’m not sure who I want to play next. The class I unlocked seems pretty crazy.