Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


Sure - I use this app on my PC:

And then this app on Android

There are a number of others floating around, including some web-based ones… but these are the ones I like


Yes, that one. The guy who played it was very underwhelmed, but I think it can work with some more gear.


Scott really hated it.

I couldn’t really fault his reasons.


It seems like it really has to work hard.


It does and in his opinion it’s not worth the pay off for having to do so.


Seems like the general consensus is that it is one of the least powerful ones. I have only played melee-centered classes so far, though.


Spoiler for triangles class:

I’ve only played a couple missions but I’m digging it. (Disclaimer: Never played a spellcaster before.) I started at level six, and took all the perks to maximize the number of elements in my deck; I think at lower levels it wouldn’t be that much fun. I just start with an AoE, hope I draw an element or two, and roll with what I get. (While also being very careful about generating elements intelligently, too.) I find it an interesting combination of careful planning and improvisation.

I just hit level seven, and enhanced one of the move cards with “infuse any”, so I’m hoping to really start picking up steam now with some area murderation. I’ll fully admit they’re were some times where my lightning bolts partner carried the show.


Yeah people seem to think 7 is where the class starts to shine. Which is… a long haul from 4 or 5.


Maybe I’ll revisit when we hit prosperity 7…


Is there a particular reason you use the dungeonmaster app on pc rather than having both on Android for your tablet or phone? I would think being tethered to a PC is a hindrance, but perhaps the PC version is better?


I’ve used some of the apps on my phone, but get annoyed having to unlock it constantly.

Additionally, I play solo and my setup is convenient for me in that context. Things are setup semi-permanent.


Totally off topic, but I’m liking the mask you have on the shelf.


Has anyone had to do scenario 11? My group has tried it 3 separate times to no avail. Has anybody beat it? I think it isn’t done very often because of the choice you have to make to get to it. But I’m starting to feel it isn’t properly tuned.


Thanks! My grandfather got it hand carved from Africa about 90 years ago


Is that support or kill captain of guard? We supported and his archers helped a LOT. Make sure you are using the rules right for them!


It’s kill and the archers are exactly the problem.


Well, how commited are you to:

  • Not going down a level to complete it on easy
  • Switching to support captain of guard and not killing them?

Both are viable solutions, one might not fit your role play style.


Also, what classes are you? (Not that I did that one, myself.)


I believe that once you pick a scenario branch you aren’t supposed to change, if we’re going to cheat that way we might as well give ourselves more undead to support us. We’ve tried twice with Scoundrel, Tinkerer, Mindthief, and Spellweaver, once at level 1 and once at level 2. We then tried at level one with replacing the scoundrel with the Brute.


An interesting analysis of exhaustion.