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So for those who have gotten that far, how have you handled envelope x? Please spoilerize your replies.

I opened it for my group.

Shit how do I hide stuff on this forum?


Pro tip: spoiler doesn’t work if you have a blank line. You need to spoiler each paragraph separately.

And please do! I haven’t opened envelope X yet, so it’s taking all my willpower not to glance up at your post. :)


it was a very quick run to unlock for me, as a second character. I looked up the thing and saw a new toon that didn’t look as appealing as my current one and I didn’t want to do the arts and crafts bullshit to make a character board, cards and miniature.
My group has agreed I can play my 3 Spears a few more times then I will retire to Brute or Cragheart. Very disappointed that the new class was not in the box and no way to just pay Cephalofair to send me a fully complete one was a mini expansion. Maybe that’s rude of me, but we were let down after all the build up.


Very sorry. Fixed


Hey no worries. It took me a while to figure it out, myself. I appreciate the quick correction!

And I hope to be opening envelope X soon, as my wife’s character has two more missions before retirement. The main question is when we’ll get to play, what with the new baby and all…


I can’t remember if we opened envelope X. Are the conditions listed in the rulebook?


They are. I don’t think he’s asking how to unlock/open it rather how everyone handled it’s contents. I believe.


Correct. My character had opening the envelope as a reward for his journey completion. We zapped out the kill requirements in 3 sessions, easy. We then opened the envelope and (serious biggest in the game spoilers) found the scavenger hunt to be not worth our time, and just went to the spoilers. The ultimate reward being a new class to use, but no mini and no tuck box for this character. Lame. I’m asking if any of you did the stuff to home brew this character, if you liked it, did you do the leg work to solve the puzzle (we did the anagram at least!), did you actually retire your previous character, or did you choose another unlocked box instead?


I know. I just can’t remember if I unlocked that one and was going to look in the book.

I don’t think I did open it, because I don’t recall getting what Kadath mentions above.


I can’t remember if we avoid using class names on the forum…

I just retired my character, so time to move onto my 3rd one. I’ve been a #2 Brute and a #7Mindthief, which were pretty different.

I’m thinking of maybe going with a #8 for my next one.


I played a #8 as my second character, and I will opine that she’s pretty awesome. A bit limited if she can’t get light, but she’s a helluva tank.


Yeah, we did a sun and moon pairing for a while (er, 8 and 13), and hoo boy did they rock together. Especially after a certain enhancement for the sun class…


Also I think the standard that I’ve seen on the internet is to use names for the starting classes and descriptions of the icons for the rest (though the chart is super helpful).


Here’s a spoiler filled primer on envelope x. You’d remember if you opened it I think, but if not the first few posts should jog you enough to decide if you did or not.

Proceed with extreme spoiler caution


I’ve gone Tinkerer -> Spellweaver -> #18 Sawbones -> #20 Beast Tyrant.

This weekend was my first time playing Beast Tyrant, and it comboed amazingly with my wife’s #12 Summoner.

I’ve been very impressed in how different every class I’ve played worked. I do miss the Tinkerer and having an enormous deck of cards with a tool for every situation.


My favorite character so far that I played has been #16 (I’m pretty sure, The Berserker) and I think the one I was most impressed with was my son playing #14 because the way he had sort of built him was making all the fights almost too easy. I was sad when he retired him.



Currently in the middle of #11 after Tinkerer.

If I didn’t need to participate in combat (ha), I could theoretically just keep playing forever without ever resting or losing cards. Even using the updated stamina potion rule that reduces their effect. When we unlock greater (or major or whatever they are) stamina potions it will even be easier. Sadly the class doesn’t hit all that incredibly hard at mid level, but it does provide some useful support features. Next level for one of those absurdly big AOE powers.


Those are actually the other 2 I was strongly considering! I still may pick one of them. I haven’t finished going through all of the unlocked classes yet.


Yours was 9 iirc. His is 16.

I always confuse 16 and 20 for some reason.


Yep, 9 was my favorite I played, but 16 for him was neat and pretty effective, but it was 14 that really blew things up for us (he was just crippling our enemies, it was amazing).